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Mother’s Day Gifts

This year Mother’s Day falls on 31st March 2019 so now is the best time to start planning what you will treat your mum if you haven’t done so already! So we thought to help give you some inspiration by coming up with a list of our top gifts to make your mother’s day special.

Mum’s Kitchen Herb Windowsill Planter

This amazing herb planter will be the perfect gift for your mother! With a natural wooden finish, it will allow to grow all her favourite herbs in the comfort of her own home. It also informs everyone in the household that she owns the kitchen too.


‘Thank You’ Patio Rose – 5.5L Pot

Say thank you for being the best mum in the world with our ‘Thank You’ patio rose! These rose offers an abundance of colour which all make all mum’s smile with joy knowing that they are appreciated for everything they do.

Solar Metal Elephant Silhouette

Our beautiful solar metal elephant silhouette will make a perfect addition to your mother’s garden. The best part about is the built in lights that come to life at night time which visitors will find hard to forget the elephants glow. It is best placed on a patio where plenty of sunlight can be absorbed by its solar panels.

Colour Changing Solar Wind Spinner Lights

An alternative to the elephant silhouette, why not treat your mother to a color changing solar wind spinner light! These set of light has a colour changing bulb which will circulate through colours such as blue, green, red and purple and may certainly make the neighbors jealous as they peer through their windows.

Shubunkin Spills 4 Tier Cascading Water Feature

Last but not least, our shubunkin spills 4 tier water feature offers a calming atmosphere for your mother to indulge in. This elegant stone finished water feature is ideal relaxing in the garden after a hard day’s work to help her enjoy life a little more.

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