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How Can I Hide My Wheelie Bin?

Let’s be honest, no one really likes the look of their wheelie bin and definitely don’t want to see it in their lovely garden when they look out the window. Worst part is usually there’s more than one! But the reality is we’ve got to have them in our garden/driveway… How can I hide my wheelie bin you ask? There are many ways you can disguise your wheelie bin in stylish ways! Read more to find out how you can.


Wheelie Bin Stores/Screening

The first option you should consider if you’re looking to hide your wheelie bin is investing in a wheelie bin store or screening. These are fantastic at making an unpleasant bin become a feature in your garden. They come in sizes from single to triples has heaps of benefits such as reducing build up of odor, add security so that the wind can’t blow it down as well as keeping pests out. Best part is they are also adaptable which means you can start treating the wood and customising it how you want by painting it in different colours.

Potted Plants

Another great way to disguise your bin is by surrounding it with your potted plants! Take away the attention from your bin by the vibrant colours of your flowers, fruit trees and various other plants. Tall plants such as bamboo would work best due to its height.

Keep in mind, you will need to make sure that this isn’t placed where there isn’t much sunlight as this could prevent your plants from growing! If your wheelie bins are in a shaded area, artificial trellis is a great alternative as you won’t need to worry about sunlight and gives your wheelie bins more of a natural look…


Build a Brick Wall

For the DIY heads and you have plenty of space to work with, you have the option of building a brick wall around your wheelie bins! This way if you own more than 3 bins, you could potentially build a store big enough to fit them all in. Similar to a wheelie bin store, you can also customise/decorate the wall however you like. The only down side will be is building a brick wall isn’t as cost effective as the other options above.

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