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How to Use a Mirror in Your Garden

white shuttered garden mirror hung on a wall

Extending interior decor to your outdoor space is a trend showing no signs of slowing down and utilising the art of reflection is no exception. Placing weatherproof garden mirrors outside can completely transform a space, making it feel more appealing and look more spacious. Discover our recommendations of how to use a mirror in the garden below.

Where should mirrors be placed in a garden?

outdoor mirror hung on brick wall


For the most sightly scene, place your garden mirror in a position where it reflects tree blossoms, blooming flower beds or vegetable patch greenery. This will make your garden appear more luscious, green and spacious. Avoid positioning your mirror where it reflects part of a building, drain pipes or a messy compost pile. 

It’s important not to place your mirror in direct sunlight to avoid causing hazards. Similarly, avoid placing your mirror too high up where birds may get mistaken by it during flight.

Once you’ve established its position, you could make it more of a feature by planting climbing plants below it. As the plants grow, they’ll twist and turn elegantly around the mirror’s shape creating a beautiful effect, making the mirror appear more natural.

wooden window illusion garden mirror

How to hang an outdoor mirror

To achieve the best reflection possible, you may need to angle your garden mirror using a wooden block behind the back of it. Mirrors can be hung on surfaces through heavy duty screws or using a mirror adhesive, but do check the manufacturer’s advice for specific guidance. 

Can mirrors in gardens cause fires?

While uncommon, garden mirrors can cause fires when they direct sun rays onto a combustible material with a low flashpoint. To avoid the chance of this happening, get to know your garden better and find out when and where the sun is at its hottest. Placing your mirror in a shadier spot will help brighten up that area while being a lower risk option too.

white shuttered garden mirror

Do plants like mirrors?

Yes! Mirrors can provide more light for your plants through redirection and reflection of sunlight. This makes mirrors very useful for redirecting light to places and plants where it’s needed most. If you have a shady area of the garden where you’d like more plants to grow, position your mirror accordingly so it redirects light onto the correct location.

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  1. Not a good idea having mirrors in the garden as birds do fly into them. It causes injury, or worse fatatality especially when the bird is startled…. not friendly at all especially in this day and age when we are progressing towards being eco friendly …

  2. Jilly

    Fantastic mirrors in the garden, makes the area look bigger and reflective in darker area’s brilliant behind water features.

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