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How to Use Mirrors in Your Garden


Extending interior decor into your outdoor space is a rising trend, and this includes the art of reflection. Using decoration in your garden isn’t only limited to your creativity with plants and planters. Placement of a weatherproof mirror within your outdoor space can completely transform a garden into a spacious and well-lit place of tranquility, ideal for relaxing or entertaining in. 

Our garden mirror range at Primrose has over 135 designs to choose from. I’ll run you through a few of my own favourites, but be sure to view the full range here.

Which style should I choose?



Bring a modern twist on traditional with a shabby chic, gothic design. Creating a unique illusion of space, this rustic style mirror subtly adds a touch of contemporary decor, while giving a nod to traditional bespoke designs. Consider your garden and its colour scheme when choosing your mirror. If you’re unsure, opting for a white or charcoal tone would keep versatility, and compliment near enough everything!


Ideal for transforming smaller spaces are illusion mirrors. You can either opt for a decorative design or add quirkiness and fun to your garden with a window or gate illusion mirror. 


Illusion mirrors are fantastic for adding depth to a garden, and making the most out of your plants through the art of reflection.



As you can see in this photo, kindly sent by a happy Primrose customer, Mrs J has painted her wooden Open Gate Window Mirror frame to a cream tone. This looks very effective amongst her wall climbing flowers.


If you’re inspired by countryside style, our range of shuttered mirrors may appeal to you most. 


Perfect for the English cottage garden, our shuttered styles look beautiful on any garden wall, with their quaint wooden frames.



The Antique Garden Mirror design above was featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden, where Alan and his team used more than one mirror to add depth and glamour to a smaller outdoor space. Due to the reflective properties, especially within illusion mirrors, garden mirrors add another dimension and make the space appear larger than it is.



Where should I position my garden mirror?

Once you’ve selected your garden mirror, you’ll face the tricky question of “where should I put it?” Ideally, you should place your mirror in a position where it reflects your blooming flower beds or vegetable patch greenery. For example, a bad positioning would be reflecting part of a building or a compost pile. You may also wish to angle the mirror to achieve the best reflection possible – a tip for this is using a wooden block behind the back of the mirror. You may require a mirror adhesive to attach your mirror to the wall, such as the one listed here. Ensure that you do not place your mirror in direct sunlight to avoid hazards. Also, avoid placing your mirror too high up, this helps prevent birds from being mistaken.

How can I compliment my garden mirror?

Be as creative as you like! I’ve always been fond of the idea of growing climbing plants around garden mirrors, so that they become naturally encompassed in the setting and beautifully compliment each other. Arched trellis mirrors are perfect for this. Lavender Wisteria or climbing roses in your favourite colour would look stunningly elegant surrounding a trellis mirror. The mirror’s frame would become disguised amongst the greenery and acrylic mirror types are 10x stronger than glass. Therefore, making it fantastically  weatherproof and shatterproof.

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  1. Not a good idea having mirrors in the garden as birds do fly into them. It causes injury, or worse fatatality especially when the bird is startled…. not friendly at all especially in this day and age when we are progressing towards being eco friendly …

  2. Jilly

    Fantastic mirrors in the garden, makes the area look bigger and reflective in darker area’s brilliant behind water features.

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