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Garden Colour Schemes: How To Get Started!

Garden Colour Scheme

Garden Colour Schemes

Become the artist behind your summer garden. Has the combination of the idyllic summer sunshine and the recently passed Chelsea Flower Show got you feeling inspired enough to add a colour scheme to your outdoor space?

Here are a few recommended considerations to help get you started:

  • Consider the architectural style of your home. Contemplate the style of your building, and how you could emphasise or pay tribute to its history.
  • You can also take into consideration the materials used to construct the building. For example, an orange/red brick would be beautifully complimented by cool blue hues. As you can see in the photo above, the yield of ruby red roses make a bright statement against the white surface of the house.
  • It’s best to choose complimentary colours for your colour scheme. I’m sure you’re already familiar with how a colour wheel works, but matching the opposite colours on the wheel outline which colour best compliments the other. For example, purple and yellow are complimentary, as are blue and orange, and red and green.
  • Warm colour schemes, such as bright reds or yellows, provide vibrancy to an outdoor space, while often making a space feel fuller and happier.
  • Cooler colour schemes, such as pastel tones, provide a soft and romantic feel to your garden. Due to the lighter tones, cooler colour schemes often make a space feel bigger.

Blue Garden Colour

English Cottage Garden

White tones will add light to shaded areas, add in pastel blues and lilacs and you’ll have a very elegant and soft looking garden. If bright tones are more your style, bold reds, yellows and oranges will offer vibrancy and cheerfulness. Plants will likely be the biggest part of your garden design but try not to think of just the flower heads when putting your colour scheme into action. Leaves, stems, bark, seedheads and berries all carry colour just as petals do, so be sure to make use of this too.

Amongst garden foliage, you may wish to include a little garden decor.  Add relaxation to your garden with the perfect place to sit, or transform it into an ideal location to entertain friends and family!

Add a little relaxation

Garden Patio RugMake your patio area a little more homely with an outdoor rug. Intertwine classic and contemporary prints into your outdoor space by adding the above, Amalia Indoor/Outdoor rug. Available in beige, this style will suit a variety of colour schemes. However, if you’re looking for something a little more bold, you can view the full Primrose outdoor rug range here.

It’s time to entertain

Garden Furniture SetThe glamorous yet sophisticated Colwell Five Seater Set is guaranteed to impress. Again, in a neutral camel and white colourway, the design of this five seater will blend in beautifully against any warm or cold tones. Taking inspiration from Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight, the seaside inspired sofa set is ideal for reading a book in the sunshine, or inviting friends and family.



Reflect colour

Create an illusion with the art of reflection. Designed to be suitable for all weathers, Primrose’s range of garden mirrors has something for everyone, from illusion gate and window mirrors to gothic styles. Positioning your garden mirror opposite your colourful arrangements will accentuate your garden’s vibrancy and provide the illusion of a bigger space.



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