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Top 5 Best Garden Trends of 2019

Garden Furniture Rattan

Interior Design Meets Outdoor Living

Designing the home and garden has taken on a whole new dimension this year as enthusiasts bring their interior style, outdoors. With a rise in popularity: garden sofa sets, patio rugs, and waterproof cushions are bringing a modern twist on traditional garden style this summer.

Garden Furniture RattanAs the garden party season is fast approaching, the entertainment value of owning a sofa set in your back garden is most certainly a luxury not only for you, but for your guests too. Just landed on the Primrose website is the Sherborne collection by Asha. Made from PE Rattan, this material is mould, UV, and weather resistant.


Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables

Growing your own is a trend that I can’t see leaving anytime soon, and rightfully so. There is great pleasure to be had in growing your own fruit and vegetables, especially when you get to devour them on your dinner plate or gift them to family and friends once harvested. From raised bed patio planters, mini greenhouses, or windowsill “grow your own” kits, there are many options available for everyone to get involved, no matter how big or small your garden is.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Multisensory Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Creating a sensory immersive experience in your garden through plants is a trend on the rise. Garden enthusiasts are increasingly using horticultural texture, colour, and fragrance as core factors to delight the senses in their outdoor designs.

Herb Garden

Multisensory outdoor spaces encourage individuals to interact with nature, and they are especially great for children to explore. There are also therapeutic elements to this gardening style, with sensory meditation proven to be beneficial for our wellbeing and mental health.

A few of my favourite methods to engage the senses include planting bunches of fragrant lavender, bold and blooming hydrangeas, or aromatic herb gardens.


The Bee-Kind Pollination Promise

90% of all plants require cross pollination from bees and insects to reproduce and thrive. A third of the world’s food sources are dependent on pollination. So whilst bees and other pollinating insects have been in decline for a number of years, the disappearance of these crucial animals will directly impact the human race and our survival. It is our duty to help these insects just as much as they help us.


A bee travels from flower to flower feeding on its nectar, it transports pollen from plant to plant as it sticks to the tiny hairs on the insect’s body. Planting bee friendly plants in your garden will attract and encourage cross-pollination and aid the survival of bees in your local area.

Head Gardener of The National Trust’s Wordsworth House in Cockermouth, Amanda Thackeray says: “When the golden marjoram is in flower in high summer, the entire borders seem to be humming. Our globe thistles are bee magnets too.” It has since been recorded that seven different species of bumble bee have been sighted at Wordsworth House. What bumblebee species have you sighted in your garden?

 Popular bee-friendly plants include:

Back to Basics – Relax & Unwind in the Great Outdoors

Child in Hammock

A trend perfect for those who struggle to switch off! As many of us now lead such busy lives with technology connecting us here, there and everywhere, converting your outdoor space into an idyllic setting is a trend thriving this year. As wellbeing and health trends rise in popularity, yoga and mindfulness have become techniques used by millions to relax and unwind. What better location to practice your warrior yoga pose or quietly read a book than outside in your own sunny back garden?


Primrose recommends comfortable hammocks as the ideal way to soak up some sunshine in the great outdoors. Simply roll out your hammock from its easy storage bag, and tie it up using the rope supports between two trees or wall hooks. Ta-dah! The perfect reading, mindfulness or snoozing location!

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