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What To Plant In Autumn

Autumn can be a busy time in the garden, and one of the more exciting tasks is planting trees and plants to make sure they are established and ready for the Spring. We’ve made this guide to help you plan what to plant and get ahead of your spring garden. 

Bare-root Trees, Hedging and Shrubs 

Autumn is the best time of the year to plant bare-root plants as it gives them enough time to become well-established before the spring which will give you better blooms and foliage in the Spring and improve yields from fruit trees and bushes over the lifetime of the plant. 

Ornamental Bare Root Trees

From cherry blossoms to rowan trees, the right ornamental tree can bring the design of your outdoor space to new levels and be the finishing touch to tie a scheme together. 

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Bare Root Fruit Trees

A garden full of fruit brings bright colour, sweet smells and wildlife into your space. Great for bringing your garden to life and giving you some great things to cook with throughout the year. 

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Bare Root Hedging

Adding structure to your space and bolstering your boundaries, our bare root hedging is great for lining paths, sectioning off parts of the garden or adding privacy. 

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Our Top Picks 


 Red Stemmed Dogwood

A hardy shrub whose bright red bark stands out in the winter and that produces lush foliage and delicate white flowers in the spring. A great plant for year-round colour. 

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Japanese Maple

A small deciduous tree with an upright habit and that produces a thick canopy of leaves. A symbol of springtime Japan, this tree is an ideal feature piece for smaller gardens or a large container for patios.

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Flowering Quince

Can be trained into a hedge or climber or left as a shrub. This colourful plant produces red blossoms and versatile tart fruit that makes a great jam or tart.

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Black Cherry Plum Tree

A beautiful ornamental cherry tree that produces pale pink blossoms and black foliage in spring and dark red fruit in autumn. A great tree for a contemporary style garden. 

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Cheals Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

A hardy tree whose leaves are a gorgeous bronze when young, before turning red in spring, and light green in summer. Come autumn, they fade to a mellow orange giving you an ever-changing display of colour. 

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Accolade Cherry Blossom Tree

A gorgeous deciduous tree with a spreading habit. It’s early blooming semi-double flowers start off pale pink, then fade too much lighter pink mid-autumn. 

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Rowan Tree

A popular fast-growing tree with thin, green leaves and jewel-like ruby-red berries in summer and Autumn to create an interesting contrasting display. 

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Tibetan Cherry Tree

A small but sturdy deciduous tree with distinctive glossy coppery-brown bark and yellow leaves. In spring, single, white flowers appear and are often followed by small amounts of fruit in the autumn. 

Tibetan Cherry Tree

Spring Bulbs

summer bulbs

Autumn is the time to start thinking about the garden after winter. For a lively garden full of colour in the spring, you should think about planting your spring bulbs now, before the first frost hits and the ground becomes too hard. Some plants benefit from a cold dormant period before flowering so consider planting Crocus, Tulip, Hyacinth and Snowdrop or bluebell now for great results in spring.

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Autumn bedding

A colourful outdoor space can be a year-round thing with the right planting. Bring life and texture into the autumn and winter with some of our great autumn bedding. 

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