Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Gift Guide

It’s going to be a Valentine’s Day like no other this year, but a fantastic and romantic day is still easily achieved. Here are some of our favourite ideas for a phenomenal Valentines with the one you love. 


Believed to have grown from the tears of Aphrodite, the rose is the most romantic of flowers – love personified. A rose bush is a symbol of enduring love that will grow and mature in your garden for years to come.  

‘Champagne Moment’‘Pearl Anniversary’ 

‘Rhapsody In Blue’ 



‘Absolutely Fabulous’ 

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The heart-shaped leaves of the Anthurium have long been a symbol of long-lasting love and friendship. Believed to bring good luck to a relationship, they’re an ideal valentines gift. 

 White Anthurium


Red Anthurium

‘Black Anthurium’ 


The Camellia represents love, longing, passion, desire and understanding, all the ingredients that were believed to make up a happy and successful relationship. 

‘Black Lace’

‘Lady Vansittart’


The sacred flower of Freya, the Norse god of love, the Primrose represents young love and was laid out in front of a new couples house to wish them good luck. 



 ‘Woodland Rose’


A houseplant can be great to give to the one you love – a gift that will last and brighten your home.

Eternal Flame Plant 

Alocasia ‘Polly’ 

Ficus Benjamina

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Tradescantia Zebrina

Chinese Money Plant

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Seed Kits

Starting a  project together can be fun, and what can be more rewarding than seeing a plant grow from seed.  Plant Theory seed kits are a wonderful way to get started with growing your own and are a fun thing to do together

Chilli Kit

Herb Kit

Cocktail Kit

 Quirky Gardener’s

Kitchen Garden

Gardener’s Dream 

Gifts For the Gardener 

If the loved one in your life loves their garden then a gift for the garden is a gift for them. 

Copper Dibber

 Copper Trowel

Ladybird Boots

Leather Gardening Glove

Denim Gardening Glove

Microfibre Gardening Glove

For a Romantic Evening

If you already have the perfect gift for your beau then why not make this Valentine’s extra special with a relaxing, romantic garden evening – relax by a fire or in the glow of outdoor light, cover yourselves with a blanket and enjoy each other’s company well into the night. 

Valen LED Candle

 LED Solar Fairy  Lights


 Spiral Lantern LED

Diamond Blanket

Freestanding Patio Heater


Atlas Clay Fire Pit

Decorative Garden Lantern

Riviera Wind Spinner

Green Outdoor Rug

Black Outdoor Rug


Beige Outdoor Rug