Mothers' Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Sunday 14 March 2021

Mums around the country have embraced gardens as an opportunity for some peace and quiet and respite from everyday life. It’s also become a money-saver for some families, as they spend money on seeds, they are starting to notice a slight save in groceries. Gardening is the gift that keeps on giving, so why not share the infinite beauty of it with your Mum this Mothering Sunday.

As we know, every mum is unique and special, and that’s why we have curated gifts for a selection of gardening personas, so there really is something for everyone.

Dedicated and practical: Here’s A Plant Care-Routine Fit For A Mum

There’s nothing more important than keeping your plants fed, watered and well-cared for. So why not fancy up your mom’s plant-care routine with a pretty watering can as she tends to her vegetable patch this spring? Don’t overlook the variety of humble watering cans: choosing an essential gardening tool for your Mum will help make her life more comfortable and be a timeless gift that she’ll get use from for years.

Are you looking for something a little more unique? Why not give the best of both worlds and choose a special primrose watering can with its very own blossoms!

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Practical yet fun: Gift Your Mum Flowers That Will Last

Your mum is pretty special, so why not show her that you care and give her a rose that will last? Opting for a pretty pink colour represents gratitude, appreciation, and love, so it will bloom with meaning. The ‘Mum in a Million‘ is a pretty hybrid tea rose. It blooms from summer until autumn, producing large, highly fragrant, vibrant-pink flowers that contrast beautifully against the glossy foliage.

If you can’t wait for the summer and want a blossom that lasts until winter why not choose an Evergreen Azalea. Displaying large stunning red flowers throughout April and May, this is a beautiful Mother’s Day present. It’s relatively easy to take care of but does require some extra attention during the colder months, making these a perfect fit for a mum who is a natural protector.

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Zen Focussed: Layer Up Your Mum’s Garden With Accessory Love

If your mum is more inclined to invest in the garden accessories that help her garden become a unique outdoor oasis, why not give her items that will add the “wow” factor to her outdoor getaway. Help her unwind with garden features that provide a sense of peace and help fuel her creative expression.

We have it all at Primrose, from cascading water features to outdoor circular mirrors that glisten and gleam, all along with plants galore. Whatever your mum’s gardening persona, you can trust that our carefully curated plants and gardening items are of premium quality and only the best to gift this Mothering Sunday.

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Header photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash