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Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Late snows be damned – summer’s on its way. Temperatures have hit blistering highs of 14 or so and that means we need to wipe away the signs of winter.

Hopefully you’ve already done all of your April gardening jobs (if not, get cracking!) to get your garden in full spring swing, so now it’s time to look forward.

Most United Kingdom-ers can already meet up outdoors, so you want to be sure that by the time June/July rolls around you’re ready to show off your sparkling lawn/colourful flowerbeds/new furniture (delete as appropriate).

Sparkling lawns

Closeup of a lawn

It sparkles if you squint

The snow won’t have harmed your grass seeds too much as they like a bit of winter dormancy, so get stuck into raking and mowing to make your grass work for you. It’ll be a weekly job come summer if you want the greenest and greatest grass in the neighbourhood.

Rake out that moss, kill those weeds, and see your hard work reap dividends as the weeks go by. It’s getting a bit late for more grass seeding by hand (act before the end of May!), but you can still get the lawn feed on there.

Colourful flowerbeds and baskets

$ summer bedding plants, a basket, then 4 more summer plants

Chances are your flowerbeds are full of sticks, where some of your bushes have chosen to bud a little lower than last year (we’re looking at you, lavender). Prune your spring flowering shrubs, and get some evergreen shrubs to keep that garden verdant for as long as possible. You can also start acclimatizing your summer bedding plants in a cold frame if you’ve got one.

If your spring plants are starting to shrivel, get ready to get them out to make space for your summer wonders.

It’s also prime time to get some hanging baskets up, to invite guests in with some high-up flowers.

(Re)New furniture

An outdoor corner sofa set by Primrose Living

Doesn’t get much newer

This one’s a biggie. Over winter, your existing furniture (if uncovered/untreated) will have warped and faded a little bit. It’ll still work, but you might want something gleaming to mark this upcoming summer that’s full of expectations. Fingers crossed we can start using ‘post-pandemic’ as a descriptor!

If you’ve already got some wood furniture don’t want to buy something new, no worries – get yourself an oil or stain and get brushing. For metal furniture, you can apply a fresh lick of paint to breathe new life into any weathered seats or tables.

If you want to get something new instead, we’ve got everything you need to sit back on/put your feet up on this summer. From the creme de la creme of Primrose Living to the everyday excellence of our Hadleigh and Kennet ranges

Lawn photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash