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Primrose Living – Our Story

Our Primrose Living range has arrived, ready to be premium-delivered to your garden.

Born from a desire to bring high-quality materials, modern design and adaptable practicality to our customers, our furniture experts designed the perfect range for the social garden.

We wanted to make collections that can fit the modern garden, sliding into any space and adaptable for both those planned and not-so-planned garden moments. And our Primrose Living story begins over 12 years ago…

In the beginning

A calendar with 2021 crudely crossed out and replaced with 2008

That long-forgotten age of handshakes and hugs

The year was 2008, and was a smaller organisation than it is today.

Starting to gain a foothold in the world of garden furniture, our buyers and directors were growing frustrated with the rush to the bottom in terms of quality and prices that didn’t match up with performance.

Keen to stem the flow of inferior furniture, some of them set out on a journey to bring high-quality and great-looking pieces to our occasionally sunny shores.

Adventurers hiking on a hill or mountain

Artist’s impression

Their journey took them across countless leagues, seas and mountains proving no barrier until they reached their nirvana, where they found manufacturers who held themselves to higher standards than the rest.

Working together, the buyers and manufacturers combined their knowledge of quality materials and expert workmanship to create a range of furniture they’d use and want to be seen in their own gardens.

Fast forward

Male hand holding a timelapsed watch

Or time lapse

12 years of prototypes, design amends and a last-minute name change later, Primrose Living came into being.

PE (polyethylene) rattan, wrapped around a powder-coated aluminium frame (double waterproof), was chosen to resist the UK’s changeable climate while continuing to look great year after year.

That rattan is a half weave, a cut above the more common flat weave, and double woven for increased longevity and comfort.

And each item in the range is available in either natural-look or stone colours to fit any garden decor style.

Two daybeds side-by-side in different colours

Exhibit A

Every glass tabletop is tempered and 5mm thick, selected to be thicker than the industry standard. This means increased safety and withstanding everyday life and use.

All of the furniture’s feet are adjustable too to suit all patios, decking and lawns.

Made for outdoor comfort, we filled the soft-spun polyester cushions with foam. The seats feel like armchairs so you can put your feet up outdoors as comfortably as you would indoors.

Primrose Living Dining Chair

With plenty of legroom too

Footstools are equally squashy, designed to tuck away when unneeded or brought out when you’ve got extra guests.

Bring all of that together and you’ve got a range we couldn’t wait to bring to you. Though we had to thanks to those last few quality checks we couldn’t resist doing.

A dog sat on a primrose living sofa

Dog-approved: check

Garden dining, lounging and bistro sets are just a click or two away, and order with premium delivery (another feature created specially for Primrose Living) to enjoy your set without having to lift a finger for assembly or furniture manoeuvring. They’ll even take away the packaging.

What’s not to love? Explore Primrose Living today.

Calendar photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash
Hiking photo by GETSLOWER on Unsplash
Watch photo by Saffu on Unsplash