What is PestBye Smartlink?

The PestBye Smartlink system allows multiple cat repellers to be connected across a large area, keeping cats out of your garden without allowing them to walk a path through it.

Ordinary cat repellers will only go off when a cat sets off their motion sensors, and with multiple sensors the cat will need to set off each one for them all to be effective. With Smartlink, when a cat is detected by one sensor it sends a message to the others, setting them off after a delay to keep your unwanted visitor on its toes and cause it to scatter.

Will it scare off birds?

No. The dial on the repeller can be fine-tuned to target your specific pest, but as birds’ hearing frequencies operate on a different level to mammals this repeller’s mainly designed for cats. If anything you’ll probably get more birds to your garden without the possibility of cats being around to grab them.

How does it work?

Patent-pending RF technology wirelessly connects multiple Smartlink devices together. When one device’s sensor is activated, it emits a repelling noise/light like any other repeller. At the same time, it sends a signal through the air to other connected devices. These devices are notified of activation, and then emit their own noises after a user-defined delay.

Why choose Smartlink

With regular repellers cats come to learn that it’s their presence that sets them off. That regular action/response means they become accustomed to it, and can learn to ignore/avoid it. With Smartlink, the device connection and delay keeps cats guessing, unaware of why the other devices are being triggered. Then, they prefer to avoid the area rather than just one device. It’s a complete garden protection system!

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