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Building The Ultimate Back Garden Bar

What’s not to love about a back garden bar? Think about it: you save money on a trip to the pub; the only punters are invited guests, and you decide when it’s last orders.

Ready to get building? Follow these steps to construct your own secluded socialising spot, and don’t be surprised when your garden is the place to be this summer!

  1. Choose your theme
  2. Choose your materials
  3. Set up your seating
  4. Consider cover
  5. Get the grill
  6. Keep it cosy

Choose your theme

Mexico Tiki Bar

Everyone’s favourite bar has a theme; why should your bar be any exception?

Maybe you’ll opt to build a tiki bar. According to Little Lovelies, that’s an “exotic-themed drinking establishment used to serve drinks like rum and cocktails.” Sounds good to us! Or maybe you’d prefer something more traditional. You could easily recreate the experience of going down your local in your own back garden.

The options are endless when it comes to a theme for your back garden bar. Why not consider a retro vibe, a nod to the nautical, or a straight-up sports bar?

Choose your materials

Wooden wall, or maybe a floor

Now you know your theme, it’s much easier to choose your materials. For example, wood and thatch combined create a very convincing tiki effect. Stone might be the right material for a homely pub vibe, and metal has a modern, industrial aesthetic that’s ideal for anyone who wants to emulate the look of a hip craft beer brewery.

Be careful! You may need planning permission for building your bar, according to S Jones, though it really depends on the materials you use. If you choose to convert a shipping container for a back garden bar, which would function as a real escape from the elements, you should check with your local authority first.

Set up your seating

Primrose Living Bistro Set

There are many seating options to choose from; it’s all about your personal preferences and what’s best for your particular bar. Do you dream of romantic nights spent under the stars with a delicious drink and your loved one? A bistro set provides an intimate seating arrangement that might work well for you.

Maybe your bar is a place for all the family to relax. In that case, you may wish to explore garden sofa sets: they accommodate the whole family in comfort! Of course, for an authentic bar atmosphere, you could always invest in some bar stools. They’re perfect for your pals to perch on as they sip their pints.

Consider cover

Green triangle shade sail over a deck

As we all know, British weather can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s a smart idea to consider some coverage for your garden bar. You might consider a permanent roof; for example, Bushbury Cladding recommends a metal structure that allows you to socialise outdoors whatever the weather. If that’s a little too industrial for your taste, consider an elegant wooden gazebo instead.

Your roof doesn’t have to be permanent, though. You could always have a party gazebo in storage, ready to be assembled at the first sighting of a grey cloud. Sail shades are also an option: they provide shelter from the sun’s harsh rays as well as the rain.

Get the grill

Pizza Oven and barbecue

What’s a beer without a burger? When entertaining family and friends at your new back garden bar, you’ll want to offer them something to eat. A masonry barbecue isn’t just practical; it’s also pretty – you can make it a real focal point of your outdoor set-up. Portable barbecues are another good option if you’d rather store your grill elsewhere when it’s not in use.

Remember, these days, al fresco dining isn’t limited to meat on the grill. Your guests are sure to be impressed when your bar serves freshly made pizzas baked in your own wood burning pizza oven.  The only problem is that they might never want to leave…

Keep it cosy

Firepit surrounded by Hadleigh furniture

Even long, hot summer days can get pretty chilly at night. That’s why you might choose to invest in outdoor heating for your back garden bar. That way, a drop in temperature won’t be able to stop your fun! It could be good to end your evenings gathered around a firepit – a perfect place to share jokes and tell stories. Alternatively, you might copy the very best beer gardens by installing some electric patio heaters around your place.

By following these steps, you can build an amazing back garden bar that perfectly suits your needs and reflects your style. All that’s left to do is invite your loved ones over and make a million happy memories there. We’ll leave that part up to you!

By Olivia Wood, an Avid Book worm and social bean whose best decision in life was building a bar in her back garden!

Tiki photo by Ellen Auer on Unsplash
Wood photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash
Header photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash