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October Gardening Jobs

We’re now in the depths of Autumn, so trees are starting to drop their leaves, and temperatures are starting to drop fast too! This month is all about starting your final preparations for winter, while also enjoying harvest bounties and autumn colours. And sacking off weeds – the eternal struggle.


A shed hidden by greenery

  • Rake fallen leaves
    • Clear lawns, borders, driveways and paths, and store in holey bin bags to rot down into leafmould
  • Do a final check on your shed – 
    • Check that it’s secure and waterproof, so you can safely store tools and patio furniture over the  winter
  • Apply an autumn lawn feed
    • Revive grass after summer and harden it for winter
  • Empty ceramic and glazed pots
    • These aren’t frost-proof so empty and store in a shed over winter
  • Spike compacted lawns
    • Brush grit into the holes to improve drainage
  • Pack up hoses and drip-feed systems  – 
    • Store indoors over winter, so they don’t freeze and split
  • Gather up canes and plant supports that are no longer in use
    • Store indoors over winter ready for use in the spring
  • Clean and disinfect greenhouses
    • Let in more light by cleaning windows, and remove the moss – it can freeze and crack the glass!


bulbs offer banner

  • Plant drifts of spring bulbs 
    • Scatter plant crocuses, daffodils and snake-head fritillaries to get a good early start once spring comes
  • Lift tender plants
    • Protect them from any early frosts 
  • Plant winter container plants 
    • Heathers, cyclamen, winter pansies and skimmia should be planted now for a full growing season
  • Lift and pot up tender perennials   
    • Chocolate cosmos, gazanias and coleus in particular benefit from this to protect them over winter
  • Plant evergreen shrubs and conifer hedges 
    • This may be the last chance to do so whilst the soil is still warm 
  • Put plant pots on feet 
    • Remove any pot saucers and raise pots up onto feet to prevent waterlogging over winter
  • Wrap fleece around tree ferns
    • It will soon become too cold for them so get this done as soon as you can 
  • Empty summer pots and hanging baskets
    • Compost and have some good growing medium in spring


pile o logs

  • Build a log pile
    • Put near the borders of your garden to give  wildlife shelter for the winter
  • Clean out and disinfect bird boxes 
    • To keep them clean and ready for winter guests
  • Keep an eye out for snail nests
    • They like to overwinter in damp spaces

Shed Photo by Sebastian Huxley on Unsplash
Log Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash