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Which Christmas Tree is Best for My House?

We might be going out on a limb, but Christmas isn’t complete without some kind of tree. Whether you throw some lights on a tree mainstay in your garden, put some twigs in a pot and hang some baubles on, or go all out with a fir, tinsel and all the trimmings,  it’s a dose of festive charm that’s hard to miss.

Couldn’t miss it if you tried

Our Christmas Tree season is underway, having gone live early like the Night Before Christmas but several months before the big day and not quite as poetic. We’ve got Nordmann Firs,  Norway Spruces and Fraser Firs, each with something different to offer and all filled with festivity. If you want a tree and want to skip the queues, but aren’t sure which tree’s right for your house without looking at it, we’ve pulled together this useful guide to help you pick.

Just click the option that’s most appropriate to you and see what we think will work best for your space!

young girl decorating a christmas treeThe family tree

We think you’ll love a 5 or 6 ft Nordmann Fir! Not so tall the kids can’t reach most of the branches, and softer needles mean less chance of tears from getting tree-spiked. Your pets also won’t do  themselves a mischief by getting a bit too close, so all hands, eyes and paws should be safe as houses whether they’re placing baubles or playfully swiping them off.

5ft Nordmann Fir  |  6ft Nordmann Fir

christmas trees sparsely decorated with lightsA tidy Christmas

If this is your main concern you’re spoiled for choice – the Nordmann, Fraser and Lasiocarpa all have great needle retention. The fewer needles there are the fewer will fall, so you’ll generally be better off with a mid-size tree – we think 5-6ft is the best standard height as even someone 5ft tall can just about place the angel/star if steadied! And we’ve plumbed for premium so all those held-tight needles will look better for longer.

6ft Nordmann Fir  |  6ft Fraser Fir  |  4-5ft Lasiocarpa

Christmas tree festooned with baublesBauble bonanza

For decorations galore, look no further than the Norway Spruce. It might seem a little spiky, but that’s just because it’s got to hold all those bauble strings in place. The taller the tree the more decorations you’ll get on it, and the Norway Spruce goes all the way up to 8ft if you’ve got the ceiling (or garden) for it.  But we know indoor space can sometimes be a premium, so take your pick from 4 to 8ft and get the tree that’s right for you!

4ft Norway Spruce  |  5ft Norway Spruce  |  6ft Norway Spruce

7ft Norway Spruce  |  8ft Norway Spruce

Blue Christmas

Should green not work for your cool colours and crisp Christmas, one of our bluer trees should be right up your street. Blue spruce and Lasiocarpa have a blue tinge to their needles, with the Lasio more for needle retention and the spruce for holding onto those decorations.

4-5ft Blue Spruce  |  4-5ft Lasiocarpa

Colossal Christmas

Should you have a living room ceiling that abbeys might envy, you’re going to want the biggest tree around to fit the most lights and decorations on that you can. Consider the amount of decorations you want (many=Norway) or needles you want to deal with (few=Nordmann) then go for a giant that will fill the space perfectly.

10ft Nordmann Fir 8ft Norway Spruce

Coffee Table Christmas

Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – either a little 4ft tree that’ll fill a little corner nicely, or a little guy in a pot you can plant out when the season’s over.  We’ve got four-footers in every species, while the potted trees are blue spruce specials!

3-4ft Lasiocarpa  |  3-4ft Blue Spruce  |  4ft Norway Spruce  |  4ft Nordmann Fir 4ft Fraser Fir  |  60cm Potted Blue Spruce


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Tree Photo by lasse bergqvist on Unsplash  
Small tree Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash