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6 Brand New Water Features For 2021

Water features are great. Soothing sounds coupled with the magic of eternally flowing water somehow speaks to our inner zen master, and we find ourselves contemplating the universe by a bit of shaped stainless steel or polyresin.

Due to that greatness, we thought it was high time we got some more features on the shelves. Some are a bit ‘out there’ we’ll admit, but just because you’re not sure about a disembodied Norse goddess head doesn’t mean your nan won’t love it. Internal reservoirs mean there’s no digging required, so with all of these new features all you need to do is plug and play.

Take a look below at some of the highlights of the range, then check out the rest on You’re sure to find something you’ll love, if water features are your thing. If not, you’ll at least find something new!

Streaming Ambienté Features

Freyja, Goddess of magic and love with a head full of water

There’s a couple of different arty/statue-type features in the mix here, but Freyja’s the first one we saw and knew we had to have. Perhaps the water is a metaphor for the deep thoughts that must flow through a god’s mind. Maybe the LEDs are symbolic of a holy glow or age of enlightenment.

Either way, it’s a bit bonkers and we can’t stop looking at it.


Wooden wall, porcelain bowl, polyresin all the way down

At the other end of the spectrum we’ve discovered a feature reminiscent of a Roman bathhouse, or maybe what a sanitising station would have looked like a few thousand years ago. It might look like wood and stone, but like all of the water features in this new range it’s polyresin all the way. Far more resistant to wearing, tearing, cracking and rotting than the natural materials they imitate.

Solaray Streams

Solar Powered Streaming Steps

Free from the limitations of mains power, this and other Solaray water features can go anywhere sunny in your garden. An inbuilt rechargeable battery will keep the water flowing until you call it a night in the garden, meaning all you need to do is plug it in and add a bit of water and the water will flow as you long as you need it to.

These steps form a watery kind of modern art, and would well complement a patio or rockery. Or garden, or pond – we’re not going to tell you what to do.

If Twitter was a water feature

We’re not entirely convinced these are British birds featured here, but hopefully it won’t lead to any confused bluetits or goldfinches wondering who’s invaded their space. The birds lend a splash of colour to the buckets-and-barrels theme this feature’s got going on, and if you’re really lucky the flowing water might even invite living, breathing birds to your garden!

Ambienté plantér(és)

Planter cascades, offset stone

With included space for a handful of plants, you can style these planter water features your own way. Go heavy on the foliage or add colour with flowers galore – the choice is yours, all complemented with some offset cascades. And it’s nearly a metre and a half tall, so sure to catch an eye or two in your garden or indoors!

Oasis: Water Wall


Someday is gonna be the day
That someone’s going to ask of you:
‘What’s that nearly 2-metre tall
Planter thing in the living room?’
That’s when you will turn around
And sing this in reply – we hope you will

[skip a section of the song about winding and blinding]

“Because baby,
I wanted to have plants in my fountain
and after all
It’s my water wall”



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