Primrose Living, As Featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden

There’s a new series of ITV’s Love Your Garden underway, continuing to transform gardens across the UK with design inspiration from all sorts of interesting places, all for some of the country’s unsung heroes.

A shot of a garden before revamping on love your gardenBefore

Last night’s episode featured a touch of the Stately home in Somerset, with manicured lawn spaces and immaculate patio edges put in for Mel, who works for a British Royal Legion care home and is lauded as one of their best.

As Mel’s fan of colour and deserved something grand, Alan took inspiration from a nearby stately home to marry nature and formality, with a ‘cutting garden’ and terrace leading to a long patio interspersed with ornamental topiary, separate dining and lounging areas, and a hedge at the end to sit underneath the glorious countryside Mel is lucky to have backing onto her garden.

A shot of a garden after it's been revamped by Love Your GardenAfter

We were proud to see one of our Primrose Living sofa sets featured in the lounging section of the amazing looking garden. The cushions were a sneak preview of a new design coming next year, but they fit perfectly with the elegant aesthetic the garden was going for. Take a look below to see the sets in action, watch the episode they were featured in here, or get some for yourself right here!

A Primrose Living Set on the set of Love your garden

A Primrose Living Set, this time with cushions on

A Primrose Living set with cushions on, taken from a slightly different angle, on Love Your Garden