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6 Outdoor Decor Ideas That Will Last All Year Long

Whether you’re moving into a new place, you’re staying right where you are, or you’re looking to populate your home or flat with all kinds of new treasures, there can be a lot of options for year-long decorations that don’t require too much effort. Whether you have a small back garden or a wide array of space, there are plenty of ways to dress it up and make it fun all year long. Here are a few ideas.

Creative Lighting

A string of old-timey bulb lights outside a house

The lighting you use outdoors can have a variety of purposes, from decorative to functional, or even both! You can try out hanging lights, lanterns, fairy lights with different colours, and even solar lights that you never have to take down — until you replace them with new favourites, that is.

Outdoor Art or Statues

Lion Statue in a garden

Outdoor statues and art pieces are the perfect decor move with lots of staying power. Unlike plants or other more natural design elements, putting more solid art forms outdoors — think fountains and statues — can be a great way to keep a consistent look all year long.

Colourful Pottery

A collection of colourful houseplants and pots

Even if the plants fade with the autumn season, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an attractive garden. Specifically, if you happen to have potted plants, you can use the opportunity to decorate with the pots as well as the plants. Shop vintage [Etsy], try traditional terracotta, find new artists you like, and stylize them however your tastes lean.

Rock Landscaping

A patio made of assorted flattened rocks

If you have outdoor space, it’s highly likely that you also have rocks outside. Rocks are around all year long, not just in any particular season. This can be a great opportunity to decorate! Think about adding a walking path, decorative rocks, or even colourful rocks to your back garden!

Evergreen Plants

Some evergreen branches and a handful of blue-ish berries

Even though most plants come and go with the seasons, there are some plants that are evergreen. Although this might take a little bit of extra landscaping, you can always try to implement plants that stay green for the whole year. Boxwood, azalea, juniper, and holly plants are all great examples of this.

A Sweet Welcome Mat

Crop of a welcome mat outside a front door

Welcome mats aren’t just fun — they’re also functional! Especially in the cooler months when the rain starts to pour, you’ll need a place to wipe your feet. You can find a welcome mat with a fun design on it, a plain one, or even something with a bit of a sassy saying. It’s all about your personal style and what you want for your home.

Year-Round Outdoor Decor

Although it can be fun to shift with the seasons, there are so many outdoor decor items that can last you the whole year long. From creative lighting to natural evergreen plants, the possibilities are endless to make your home beautiful all around.

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