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Change is coming…

You may have heard the whispers, noticed a change or two here and there, and it’s nearly time for the big reveal. Primrose’s look and feel is changing, with a more powerful system too backing up our ever-growing Online Garden Centre.

It all started with a brand new warehouse, expanding our distribution network so we could send our great plants and furniture out smoother and faster than ever. From there, we hired loads more warehouse staff and online specialists to make Primrose better at everything we were already doing.

The design

As we brought in all of these new things, we started looking at our old logo: primrose old logo. There are other variations out there, but this is the one sitting comfortably at the top of every page on, and it’s the one that came to mind for changing and updating.

We realised it wasn’t doing our ever-growing garden centre business justice, so we’ve revamped it. We’re not going to show you what it is just yet, but here’s a piece of it:

The site

Primrose’s new website is packed to the gills with algorithms and programmes so literally will only get better. Smarter suggestions for add ons or alternatives, and clever little bubbles to let you know when a saving’s on the cards. It’s still under wraps with the last few tests to run, but it won’t be long before you can see it for yourself!