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What is ‘Green Friday’?

Green Friday is Primrose’s answer to Black Friday, that dark day/weekend/week where people get trampled, shop staff get harassed and certain people push through crowds to get a 6.5% discount on pet food for a dog they don’t own. Instead, we’d like to get back in touch with nature, help the Earth and our community to breathe, and plant loads of trees.

Green is the new Black

‘Black’ Friday is full of negativity. The colour’s great, switching from sombre to stylish with the addition of sunglasses, but when it’s added to ‘Friday’ it takes a turn. People sometimes buy more than they should, or head to shops they don’t need to, and everyone gets a bit het up.

So, this year we’re going green. We did it last year too, but you may not have been here for that. Really, we’ve always been green (with a bit of pink), and we’d like to spread that greenery as far as possible in 2021. Trees and plants brings fresh air, good feeling, food for the environment, and we need as much of it as possible in our lives.

We’ve tailored this year’s campaign to be green through and through, starting with a fantastic charity partner – The Tree Council. The offers we’ll have are still under wraps, but you might be able to put some of it together once you read about who we’re partnering with.

The Tree Council

A man in a field planting a treeImage courtesy of The Tree Council

In 2021, we’ve partnered with The Tree Council to plant at least 100 trees, but we’re hoping it’ll be lots and lots more. For every £15 donated they can plant 1 tree or 1 metre of hedgerow, and we’ve guaranteed them a minimum of £1,500 so they can plant a 100-tree-strong woodland or an athletics track’s worth of hedgerow  for a multitude of hedgehogs, birds and insects to make their homes in.

Hopefully when Green Friday’s over there will be hundreds more trees filling up gardens and green community spaces across the UK. These trees will help tackle climate change, provide much-needed habitats for wildlife, bring shade in the summer and alleviate flooding too – along with all the wellbeing-improving clean air they’ll be helping produce.

Stay tuned to find out how you can help UK communities and improve your air quality this Green Friday – it’s coming soon! If you’d like to get involved sooner, start using #LetsPlantSomeTrees on your socials!