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Primrose Living Is Now Bigger and Even Better

Primrose Living was born from a desire to bring high-quality materials, modern design and adaptable practicality to our customers. As part of that, we’ve always had dreams to make it bigger.

In 2021 the range was defined by premium materials, comfortable seating, UK-based design and socialising in style, all wrapped up inĀ half-rounded, double-woven rattan furniture. With those brand values in mind, we’re proud to announce an expansion to the range, that will bring the fantastic look and feel of Primrose Living to even more garden furniture fans.

two chairs and a table with grey material and blue/black cushions

For those that loved the existing Luxury rattan but wanted even more variety, you can now find recliner chairs, firepit tables and a brand new colour set ‘Pebble‘ to make outdoor living even more luxurious.

Designed with the ultimate in outdoor living in mind, the cushions are still extra-deep, the edges are still super-detailed, and fabulous features appear at every turn.


Two chairs and a tall coffee table between

To bring the double-woven rattan to a wider audience, we’ve launched a brand-new Classic rattanĀ range of Primrose Living that uses a new flat weave. This makes it more affordable while still featuring detailed edges, deep cushions and an eye for design. It’s everything there is to love about Luxury Primrose Living, just a bit flatter on the rattan.

In case you’re wondering why it’s more affordable, it’s because it’s easier to weave which reduces production costs. Simple!


a table and benches in a rustic style, with wooden legs and a cement top

Appealing to discerning wooden furniture customers, we’ve designed our Rustic wood range to bring a farmhouse-feel to your outdoor or potentially even indoor furniture. It wouldn’t look out of place in a long kitchen or dining room! The cement-fibre tabletops are designed to resist daily wear and tear, with a pot of wax supplied to keep it looking great, and features a lighter core so the set isn’t unmanageably heavy.

The acacia wood used is one of the hardest woods around, designed to last, and has a great dark-brown look. These are sets you’d love to gather your friends or family around.


Last but certainly not least, we’re bringing in a new Lifestyle metal, wood and rope range, made from resilient materials and featuring Weathershield cushions (for rain showers, spills and stains), fire pit tables, rope-detail chairs and more. They’re for those who like to do things sturdy, a bit different, and the fire pit tables are perfect for a bit of late-evening entertaining.

Look out for wooden coffee tables for a fun bit of garden style, and don’t forget to get yourself a gas canister if fire’s on your mind!

Check out the full range of Primrose Living on our website!