Water Features

The Surprising Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Features

Stainless Steel Water Features are sleek. They’re shiny. They’re like garden mirrors, reflecting their surroundings and their pools. But why might you want one in your garden? We’re going to dive right into why Stainless Steel Water Features might just be your next great garden upgrade.

Forget weathering and rust

With stainless steel, rust is a thing of the past. It’s steel plus chromium, taking the iron in the steel further away from the water and impurities that begin rust. And it’s got bonus heat resistance too, so overheating in the sun isn’t an issue.

Forget the rain and ignore the sun,  but try to keep it from freezing in winter. It’s no longer brittle thanks to the chromium, but it can still warp if ice is allowed to form on/in it. Still shiny, but a bit less smooth. Use frost protection to keep your feature fabulous!

Fountain fabulous

These water features come in all sorts of geometric shapes, with the occasional wavy wonder designed to draw the eye. There are bubbling spheres, cascading towers and water walls, versions that have their own reservoirs, go in ponds or even have space for a bit of greenery.

They all have that optical illusion that mirrors have of appearing to add light to a space, so you can brighten a little corner of your garden or even a space indoors!

Everlasting features

304-grade Stainless steel lasts for ages. It makes sense – take out weathering and rust and what’s going to hold it back? Maybe an opportunistic lichen in one of the seams, but as there’s usually very few of those. That’s the beauty of steel – it lends itself to smooth and literally seamless features.

Luckily steel’s a doddle to clean you can keep it gleaming for years and years, even if a bit of moss or algae manages to cling on for a week or two it’ll wipe right off.

Resilient reservoirs

The resilience of stainless steel reaches right into the ground, perfect for stainless steel reservoirs. It’s hard to keep an eye on any damage or wear an underground pool might pick up, so using one of these reservoirs over a polyresin one means you can set and forget for much, much longer.

It also means they’re better at keeping the bugs and bacteria out, ideal if you’ve got kids that might dip a finger in or wildlife that loves to swing by. It’s still always best to treat your water a bit, but at least with a stainless steel reservoir it’s less of a concern.

Still undecided?

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