Mothers' Day

Mother’s Day has been and gone, but ahead of the big Sunday we asked some of our social followers what little bits of garden wisdom they’ve picked up from their mums. We’ve picked out some of our favourites: take a look to see if you might have something new to learn, or just see if yours is the advice shared!

Keep the weeds at bay and water your plants

Straight out of the gate @madden968‘s mum brings us a simple guide to garden maintenance. Keeping on top of your weeds is the best way to stop them getting out of hand: ‘a little, often’ instead of ‘a lot, right when you just want to get planting’. Set aside a bit of time each weekend or each fortnight to check for unwanted weeds, and get them out soon as you see them to keep them from taking root. And water your plants as often as their individual care guide suggests – there’s nothing sadder than a forgotten wilted plant!

Child watering Plants - Filip Urban

So easy a child can do it

Watering Cans

Add sand to the soil of raspberry plants

Raspberry plants hate soggy soils! They like good drainage and a bit of added sand – just like @yellow.kettle‘s mum likes to do – is a great way to do that, holding water without becoming waterlogged. We’re getting towards the end of when your raspberries can be planted, act fast if you want to use this tip and get them in the ground before March is done!

Raspberry plant

Sand: not pictured

Raspberry Canes

Weeds are just flowers growing in the wrong place

We’ve also heard the inverse of this, ‘anything’s a weed if it’s growing in the wrong place’, but this optimistic version comes from @xgeorgia’s mum and we like it this way. If you like the look of an unplanned flower but just not where it’s found itself, just get it out of there and replant it somewhere else. Daffodils, snapdragons and even roses can find themselves amongst displays and bushes they don’t belong and be considered weeds, but they don’t have to be destroyed if you’ve got another place you’d like to put them!

Pile of daisies - Micheile Henderson

One mum’s weed is another mum’s flower

Weeding Tools

Soak coriander seeds before planting

Soaking your coriander seeds (cilantro for our friends across the pond) like @taz_hassomeplants‘s mum leads to faster germination, though we’ll admit we found a test that suggests the end harvest is only ever-so-slightly better than unsoaked seeds. We’ll leave this one up to you, but it could be a fun experiment for the kids to get involved with if they like coriander!

Coriander and a red shiny metal thing

To soak or not to soak, that is the question. As is ‘why is the table in the image above not real’

Coriander Plants and Seeds

Garden together

This one’s a bit of a cheat tip, presumably via @gaff_and_garden_faff‘s mum though it might be straight from the source, but it’s still a good one. Many hands make light work, and nowhere is that more true than anywhere that involves manual labour. Split the jobs between the family during a day in the garden (there’s a good Sunday opportunity coming up…) and get it all done faster than you can say ‘Work faster and fetch Mum a lemonade’, all while everyone bonds together through shared effort and the joy of a job well done.

Mother and child in garden-type area

Everyone can chip in!

Feed everything with Miracle Gro

Last but not least, one to keep in your garden stores courtesy of @thelovedaygarden‘s mum. There’s no denying the power of Miracle Gro to feed up your flowers, plants and veg. As we head unstoppably towards peak planting season, there’s no better time to get some miracles into your garden. Mum knows best!

Gardener planting with miracle gro


Miracle Gro

Have some Mother’s Day gardening tips of your own to share, or fancy giving any of these a go? Head to or use the hashtag #MyPrimroseGarden to let us know about it!

Watering Photo by Filip Urban on Unsplash
Flower  Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash
Mother/child Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash


Mothers' Day

Mums around the country have embraced gardens as an opportunity for some peace and quiet and respite from everyday life. It’s also become a money-saver for some families, as they spend money on seeds, they are starting to notice a slight save in groceries. Gardening is the gift that keeps on giving, so why not share the infinite beauty of it with your Mum this Mothering Sunday.

As we know, every mum is unique and special, and that’s why we have curated gifts for a selection of gardening personas, so there really is something for everyone.

Dedicated and practical: Here’s A Plant Care-Routine Fit For A Mum

There’s nothing more important than keeping your plants fed, watered and well-cared for. So why not fancy up your mom’s plant-care routine with a pretty watering can as she tends to her vegetable patch this spring? Don’t overlook the variety of humble watering cans: choosing an essential gardening tool for your Mum will help make her life more comfortable and be a timeless gift that she’ll get use from for years.

Are you looking for something a little more unique? Why not give the best of both worlds and choose a special primrose watering can with its very own blossoms!

Primrose watering can

Browse Garden Tools

Practical yet fun: Gift Your Mum Flowers That Will Last

Your mum is pretty special, so why not show her that you care and give her a rose that will last? Opting for a pretty pink colour represents gratitude, appreciation, and love, so it will bloom with meaning. The ‘Mum in a Million‘ is a pretty hybrid tea rose. It blooms from summer until autumn, producing large, highly fragrant, vibrant-pink flowers that contrast beautifully against the glossy foliage.

If you can’t wait for the summer and want a blossom that lasts until winter why not choose an Evergreen Azalea. Displaying large stunning red flowers throughout April and May, this is a beautiful Mother’s Day present. It’s relatively easy to take care of but does require some extra attention during the colder months, making these a perfect fit for a mum who is a natural protector.

Pink Tea Rose

Browse Mother’s Day Gifts

Zen Focussed: Layer Up Your Mum’s Garden With Accessory Love

If your mum is more inclined to invest in the garden accessories that help her garden become a unique outdoor oasis, why not give her items that will add the “wow” factor to her outdoor getaway. Help her unwind with garden features that provide a sense of peace and help fuel her creative expression.

We have it all at Primrose, from cascading water features to outdoor circular mirrors that glisten and gleam, all along with plants galore. Whatever your mum’s gardening persona, you can trust that our carefully curated plants and gardening items are of premium quality and only the best to gift this Mothering Sunday.

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Header photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to say thank you. And who deserves more thanks than mum? In order to really make mothers day special this year read below to discover some of our best gifting ideas. 

Help your kids celebrate their mum

It’s easy to help your kids celebrate their mother with a day she’ll treasure. Whether its a nice of cup of tea when she wakes up or a full breakfast in bed, mothers day morning is perfect for making a memorable start to mums special day. Don’t be the one who makes a quick stop at the petrol station for flowers, instead, brighten up her morning with some unique plants and flower options. Orchids are a beautiful gift that can last for weeks at a time, whilst houseplants offer a different take on the standard bouquet. Help your kids to make a special card to go alongside it and mum will have a morning she won’t forget.    

mother's day breakfast

Beautiful gifts for the very best of mums

Say thank you with something beautiful this mother’s day. A special gift for the garden is the perfect way to mark mothers day and a chance to enjoy your outdoor space together. Perhaps some lighting can help you continue those summer evenings that you never want to end? Or some bird nest boxes can help you both to enjoy your love of nature. Some blankets and cushions can make time spent relaxing on the garden sofa even cosier and our bare root trees let you give gifts that keep on growing.     

 mother's day gift lighting 

Remembering all the good times

Though not mum is still with us, what better day to think back on good times than mothers day. Your garden can be the perfect spot to reflect and remember and smile with a simple garden bench providing the ideal spot. Maybe add some of mum’s favourite flowers planted nearby? Or mix in the sound of running water to help relax and reminisce. Cultivate a spot you can always return to and you can celebrate the day forever. 

mother's day gift bench

Discover the perfect gift for celebrating your mum this year with our dedicated range, available here. 

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The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

The use of climbing plants within both your garden and home can forge stunning depth, create floral interest, and even conceal unsightly fences and walls. Climbers are additionally commended for their ability to attract and accommodate wildlife, whether they are nesting birds, butterflies, or bees. 

The use of pots in growing climbing plants is often fundamental, particularly if you are seeking to adorn your patio, terrace, or balcony space. Pots will further enable you to retain greater control over the soil pH, drainage, and positioning that your climbing plants will receive. A garden with soil that is rich in fine clay particles will likely experience poor drainage, nevertheless, planting climbers into pots will mitigate these risks and ensure hospitable growing conditions. 

Within this post, we will detail five climbing plants considered most suited to being grown in pots. This post has been structured to reflect differing gardens, and possible themes that you may wish to evoke; covering the cottage garden, the urban garden, the simplistic garden, the creation of interesting arches, and concluding with how climbing plants can be utilised indoors. 

The Cottage Garden

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

Within the traditional cottage garden, you can expect to see lupins, dianthus, delphiniums, lavender, and campanula, to name a few examples. Nevertheless, a rose’s abundance of large, scented petals that are so neatly tied together will always offer a classically graceful feel. Aside from this variety’s monumentally beautiful appearance, this ‘Giardina‘ climber rose will happily grow in pots; ideally on a sunny patio adorning the front of your home, or arranged around an archway. 

A pretty modern climbing rose, this variety will bear large, pale-pink blooms with delicate petals that increase in vibrancy towards the centre of each flower. Repeat flowering, this rose will display stunning blooms from Summer through to Autumn; gracing your garden with a long-lasting display. Each flower will boast a fresh scent with delicate floral undertones, and will make a stunning cut flower, which will keep for a generous period of time when placed into a vase.

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

With Mother’s Day merely a matter of weeks away, this rose variety would prove a wonderfully sentimental gift, that can be appreciated year after year. It can be ordered here

The Urban Garden

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

Whether they are  located in London, Bristol, or Manchester, it will never be unusual for urban homes to have smaller-sized gardens, and, when paired with residents who may lead busier lives, ensuring an interesting, flourishing garden can entail an inconvenient compromise on time. 

A climbing plant considered low-maintenance, visually-impactful, and suited to pots, consists of our jasmine climber (Trachelospermum jasminoides).  This jasmine plant will grace your outdoor space with delicate, luminous-white blooms that will release a beautifully sweet and relaxing scent. The shape of each flower somewhat resembles that of a wind spinner, which will form enchanting silhouettes within your garden. Accompanying these blooms is glossy green foliage, which will evolve into a bronze shade during Winter, and as such, you can enjoy elegant seasonal displays with very minimal effort.

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

This jasmine plant can be ordered here. 

The Simplistic Garden

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

Making floral additions to your garden can necessitate plenty of thinking, specifically, ‘will this work with my other plants?’. If you also live with those who have tastes that differ to your own, you may ponder even more. This is often why a simplistic approach is so convenient. For this theme, we have selected a climbing plant that we believe will satisfy every possible taste.

Clematis is often the first climbing plant that will spring to a gardener’s mind when considering container or pot growing. Even when planted into a very small pot, clematis plants will provide a magnificent flowering display- with the colder months included.  

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

This ‘Miss Bateman’ variety of clematis will produce a rosette of large, oval-shaped petals in a crisp-white shade, contrasting beautifully against a delicate yellow and maroon centre. Vigorously-growing, this plant will flower in Summer, and again in early Autumn. They can be ordered through this link

Forming Interesting Arches

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

Aside from adding charming structure to your garden, arches are a wonderful means of allowing scents to linger, and varying colours to intersperse with one another. Benefitting from an excellent growing habit, and relishing more sheltered areas, our ‘Blue Passion Flower’ plant is a fitting option for enhancing your garden’s arches or archways.

Displaying maroon, violet and white operculums that delicately rest on large white sepals, passion flowers are arguably one of the most unusually-structured plants around. Hardy, and with a vigorous growing habit, this passion flower will flourish within a pot or container; ideally placed in pairs beside each side of an archway for a subtle, yet highly exotic edge.

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

This passion flower plant , which can be ordered here, proudly carries the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Award of Garden Merit’; affirming its reliable performance, availability, stable form and colour, good constitution, and resistance to pests and diseases.  

The Use of Indoor Climbing Plants

The Best Climbing Plants for Pots

The use of climbing plants need not be confined to the outdoors; the benefits of accommodating climbing plants within your home do not differ from those of house plants. This monstera plant will absorb harmful gases via its leaves and roots, contributing to a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Studies have additionally linked the presence of indoor plants to reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and also productivity. Interestingly, the latter benefit has been evidenced by the reaction time of employees increasing by 12% when in close proximity to house plants.

One of our favourite climbing plants that will happily grow indoors is our ‘Monkey Leaf Monstera’, which features large, oval-shaped leaves that display unusual perforation, resulting in an appearance comparable to Swiss cheese. This plant will arrive bound to a moss pole, enabling it to form interesting shape within your home. 

The Best Climbing Plants to Grow in Pots

This charming Monstera deliciosa can be purchased through the following link

If you wish to know more surrounding the air-purifying abilities of plants, you can find additional information here