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Dreading going out this Valentine’s Day? Never fear, there’s plenty you can do in the comfort of your own back garden. Forget expensive hotels or overcrowded restaurants, try something a bit different this year and host a Valentine’s date night in the garden.

valentines date night in the garden

Alfresco feast

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a good meal this Valentine’s Day. But you can branch out from standard cooking or takeaways; garden furniture has advanced in order to allow you to cook up a feast in your garden. Our Napoli Outdoor Kitchen is an elegant rustic cooking area with a barbeque and cooking grill plus a wood burning pizza oven to offer a choice of options. Enjoy your home-cooked meal in nature; you can also try one of our garden lights to add to the atmosphere!


In the mood for something low-key, inexpensive, but also magical? Well, nature can provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable date. Spend an evening gazing at the stars with a mug of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine. Cuddling up together under the star-studded sky is highly romantic and allows you the time to get to know each other on a deeper level. If it’s chilly outside, make sure to take one of our Diamond Blanket Throws to keep warm. Highly eco-friendly, they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Treasure hunt

Spice up the gift-giving process this year with a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt in your back garden. Send your lover on a trail of handwritten clues sprinkled with rose petals in order to find their Valentine’s gift. Perhaps you could add a competitive element and do a treasure hunt each with a specified number of clues- and see who reaches the end first! If your garden is lacking in decent points of interest, now could potentially be the time to purchase one of our garden ornaments to add intrigue to your outdoor space.

Marshmallow toasting

Heat things up with some marshmallow toasting around a bonfire. This simple, low-cost activity is guaranteed to make a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day date that is a great way to get to know each other better in a fledgeling relationship. You can also branch out from tradition to cook a whole host of other items, including bread, potatoes, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and more. Try one of our fire pits for straightforward ignition; they also double up as a striking focal point during the day.


Make this year Valentine’s Day the one you will never forget by camping out under the stars. By setting up camp in your back garden, you can get back to nature without the expense of taking a trip elsewhere- plus you get to use your own bathroom! An evening getting back to basics and sleeping cuddled up together in the tent is bound to be highly romantic with the occasional humorous moment you can bond over. Bring our Camping Firebowl BBQ for some extra food and hot drinks!

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Conservation has become a hot topic during the past year, so why not try something a little different this Valentine’s Day and give a gift for the garden? Not only are these gifts bound to impress with their originality, but they can also help preserve wild birds and hedgehogs, and support eco-friendly initiatives. So discover our edit of our top garden conservation gifts.

Saltbox Bird House

garden conservation gifts

As holes in trees and buildings are disappearing due to maintenance work, natural nesting sites for birds are on the decline, so garden nest boxes are becoming increasingly important for conserving wild birds. Inspired by traditional coastal saltbox houses, our Saltbox Bird House in plum has a beautiful vintage saltbox design along with inbuilt drainage and ventilation. Purchase as a Valentine’s gift in order to put it up just in time for nesting season!

Kool Kombi Recycled Steel Ice Bucket Cooler

The Kool Kombi Recycled Steel Ice Bucket Cooler is a gift that will be highly appreciated come summer. This quirky drinks cooler is made in Vietnam using recycled oil drums delivering a unique design each time, and providing employment for local workers. Not only is it eco-friendly and socially-conscious, this heavily-insulated design has ample space and can keep drinks cool in high Australian temperatures for up to 4 hours, so will work an absolute treat here in Britain!

Woodland Bird and Ladybird Garden Gift Box

garden conservation gifts

Welcome both birds and ladybirds into your garden with the Woodland Bird and Ladybird Garden Gift Box. This handy set provides a bird nesting pocket, ladybird tower, wildflower seeds, and instructive guide that will enable you to attract diverse wildlife into your garden. These creatures are highly beneficial to your garden, as they help manage pests such as slugs, snails, and aphids to keep your plants healthy.

Igloo Hedgehog Home

Our Igloo Hedgehog Home is a great gift that makes a welcome addition to your garden. Surveys suggest that hedgehog numbers have declined by up to 50% since the turn of the century as hedgerows and field margins are lost to intensive farming, so providing sanctuary in your garden is increasingly important. This wicker habitat offers hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe haven from predators, pets, and garden tools.

Heart Shaped Cast Iron Bird Bath/ Feeder

valentines day gardening gifts

Food supplies often run short for wild birds, particularly during the winter, and fresh water for drinking and bathing can also be hugely beneficial for them. The Heart Shaped Cast Iron Bird Bath/ Feeder is perfectly-themed for Valentine’s Day and adds a quaint touch to your garden. This versatile piece can be used either as a bird feeder or birdbath.

Diamond Blanket/ Throw

valentines day gardening gifts

Get nice and cosy this Valentine’s Day with our Diamond Blanket/ Throw. This stylish blanket is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, an innovative and eco-friendly alternative of reusing waste. The geometric diamond design is finished with tassels for extra flare, and is perfect for cuddling up under both indoors and outdoors.

Wildlife Natural Rock Pond-In-A-Pot Kit

garden conservation gifts

Create a wonderful watering hole for wildlife with our Wildlife Natural Rock Pond-In-A-Pot Kit. One of our top garden conservation gifts, this model creates a great home for frogs, newts, and insects, and provides drinking water for birds and small mammals. This no-hassle kit has everything you need to create a pond in four easy steps, filled with beautiful, wildlife-attracting plant life.

Check out our guide to find out more about how to help wildlife in your garden.

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Special man in your life? Wonderful woman worthy of your affection?  We’ve the top gifts for lovers!

No matter what the occasion or who the recipient, we’ve something for everyone from water features to companion seats, roses to candles – brighten up a loved one’s day and reap the rewards afterwards… with a gorgeous garden!

Here’s our top six gifts for you!

Smart Solar Dancing Couple Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Feature

Smart Garden Artificial Topiary Heart

Smart Garden Heart of Hearts Garden Mirror

Emily Love Seat Companion Seat

Ultimate Grow Your Own Gift Kit Herbs, Stir-Fry Veg & Chilli Collection – 3 Packs Included

Ease Those Achy Muscles Gift Bag

These are just some of our great gift ideas, we’ve over 10,000 gift ideas online at, and with most products coming with next day delivery, there’s something for everyone!

Show us what you plan to do this Valentine’s Day!

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Perfect Valentine’s Day walks

With only a couple of days until the most romantic day of the year, what better way than to go for a loving stroll with your other half. With a crisp, winter setting and a gorgeous, scenic route, you can find yourself falling in love all over again.

Ensure you are wrapped up warm with socks & gloves and have suitable footwear (flip flops are a no no). If you are yet to find love, fear not, as these walks are also great for a stroll without the need to hold someone else’s hand.

Virginia Water Lake, Surrey

One of Surrey’s best kept secrets, Virginia Water Lake was originally developed for royalty, and is an extension from Windsor Great Park. Rumours are it was named after Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. These rumours are unfounded. Thankfully, it is now available for public use, and is enjoyed by thousands each year. Roughly 4.5 miles circulates the lake, making it an ideal length for a walk. There are various sites along the scenic route too, including a cascading water feature built in the rocks (inspiration for our own perhaps?), a towering 100 foot Totem Pole and a (very small) beach area, great for paddling (although perhaps not in February!)

The Long Walk, Windsor

Interestingly, this walk is located within the same estate as Virginia Water Lake (Windsor Great Park – this gives you an idea of just how big it is), however you’d need to walk an extra 2.5 miles to reach the lakes from the end point of the Long walk. Therefore this is justifiable as its own delightful route. Starting near the castle at Cambridge Gates in the heart of Windsor town centre, culminating at the The Copper Horse statue, this walk will take you 2.65 miles (or 5.3 miles if you need to return). Although a straight path, it’s beautifully set between trees and shrubbery, with various wildlife spotted along the way. At reaching your destination, you are welcomed with stunning views of the castle, and the view itself is spectacular, so be sure to bring your camera.

Tarn Hows, Lake District

Home of the highest mountain in England (Scafell Pike), the Lake District attracts over 15million people each year, and it’s not hard to see why. Covering 885sq mi, this large yet beautiful mountainous range offers activities and walks in abundance. Tarn Hows is a short lake-set walk (1.9m), situated between Coniston and Ambleside, west of Lake Windermere. It’s a very gentle walk, suitable for all ages and abilities, covering a mountain lake and a small wooded hill. Make sure you pack a raincoat however, as Tarn Hows and the Lake District is situated in one of the wettest parts of England.

Hyde Park, London

We return to the south east for this walk, situated in central London, just north of the River Thames.  One of the largest parks in London, covering 350 acres and listed as a Royal Park, Hyde Park has something for everyone. Chances are you won’t be the only couple enjoying a romantic stroll around this popular park, and runners will pass you on the way, but with so much to see and do, it’s amazing you can fit all this inside central London. With the infamous Speakers’ Corner, Serpentine Lake, Diane, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the 7 July Memorial, this park is rich on history. Contiguous with Kensington Gardens, it’s a 4.3 mile walk to cover the two, making it an ideal, scenic route to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy London streets.

File:Aerial view of Hyde Park.jpg

Brighton Beach, Brighton

We conclude with a coastline treasure in Brighton beach, 5.4 miles from end to end. Over 150,000 people will visit the beach on sunny summer weekends, but for Valentine’s Day, the beach walk far less populated, making it an ideal romantic walk. Nothing beats walking next to the fresh smelling ocean water, and you’ve even an opportunity to stop off for fish and chips and a game of mini golf along the way. Another delight along the way is the Brighton Pier, where you can try win your sweetheart a cuddly toy or get a photo in a ‘Just Married’ cut out board (people do get married on the pier too, if that takes your fancy). This is definitely a walk for the activity friendly couple.

We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day, whoever you decide to spend the special day with.

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