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As summer gives way to autumn, we’ll barely have time to appreciate the landscape’s colour change before winter will be knocking. For some, winter means cosying up by the fire and enjoying time indoors – while others are loath to say goodbye to the sun. Whatever your stance on the season, one thing’s for certain: in order to ensure your garden is fit for the next barbecue season, attention must be paid.

Fortunately, our friends over at Jolly Good Loans are on hand to help. Today, they’ll be providing some essential pointers to help you protect your garden furniture against the harsh weather that is inevitably coming.

protect furniture over winter

When it comes to protecting your garden furniture, you’ll need to consider the types of materials your items are made from, as this will help you decide on the best method for protecting each product.


If you’re happy for the winter elements to naturally weather your wooden garden furniture, then they can be left outside with little maintenance required – just apply a lick of sealer before the start of the season to protect the timber.

If you’d rather keep your wood looking brand spanking new, investing in a furniture cover will do the trick – although we’ll get to that in more detail soon.


The resistance of metal furniture during the colder months varies, depending on what type of metal it’s made from.

Cast aluminium furniture is fine left outside during the colder months, as it develops a protective outer exterior when exposed to air, making it resistant to both corrosion and rust.

Wrought iron, on the other hand, is best stored away if it all possible. If you don’t have a garage or shed, lightweight furniture can easily be stored in the cupboard or under the stairs. For larger pieces, protect them by investing in a good furniture cover.

Furniture covers

Ensure you invest in a good-quality furniture cover that is both water resistant and breathable to prevent mould or leaks, making sure all furniture is dry before cover.

Rather than covering all your furniture with one big patio cover, try and find smaller covers that fit over individual items for more secure protection. Opt for covers that can fasten tightly, thus making sure your furniture remains under wraps during the windier days and nights.

Even when covered and secured, it’s best to move your most vulnerable furniture into shelter if at all possible. From the garage to the utility room, if you have the extra space and are able to bring your much-loved items indoors, your budget will thank you when the weather once again turns warmer. Not all plants and shrubbery will be suited to the colder climate, so as you say goodbye to your summer plants, why not move your planters and troughs indoors and treat them to a touch of creative sparkle? This could be the perfect winter project and will help you breathe life back into your tired pots and containers in time for spring.

Either way, avoid leaving it out on the lawn, storing it on a solid flat surface like a patio or decked area instead. This further reduces your furniture’s exposure to moisture, protecting it from rotting away amongst the winter wind, rain and snow.

furniture in snow

It might feel as though the snow has only just stopped falling, but the reality is that winter is knocking on our doors again. The good news is that if you start taking steps over the coming months to protect your outdoor areas, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden furniture for years to come.

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The 4 year wait is almost over where football fans from across the globe come together to witness one of the best football tournaments and with over a month of football on the TV, it gives football fans a lot to look forward to! With just under a week to go, what better time to prepare your garden for the big event. Here’s our 4 Garden Essentials you’ll need to Enjoy the Football this Summer.

Flag Shade Sails

Introducing our new range of Shade Sails: The Flag Edition! Celebrate in style by repping the team you are supporting for the tournament, while being protected and shaded from the sun; what more can you ask for! We have four country flags to choose from; England, France, Germany and Spain. So why not show off the team you want to win this summer… Did I mention it is also waterproof?!


Outdoor TV

Now how does it sound watching the games in the comfort of your own garden? Amazing right? This is why we can think it’ll be a great idea for you to check out our Outdoor TV range.

These particular TVs are all waterproof and also have anti-reflective screens so you can enjoy the game without worrying about what the English weather throws at it! From 32 inches to 65 inches, you, your friends and family can all watch the excitement in a larger and more relaxing area.

Garden Furniture

Our Garden Furniture range will be a great addition to your garden. This will allow you and your guests to relax in comfort if you are planning to watch the competition in your back garden. From bean bags to sofas, our range has something for everyone to put their feet up this summer. The Wareham Garden Sofa is one of our favourites!


Marquees/Party Tents

As the tournament will be taking place during the summer and hopefully a hot one too, what better time to organise a party or gathering than when England take on their opponents. Our Party Tents and Marquees will be a great option to gather guests around to experience unforgettable moments together and party the night away in style (and will be 110% better if England win of course!).

All you need to do now is get behind the boys and hope that they bring the trophy home!

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What is a hammock?

A hammock in its simplest form is a fabric sling that comes in several different designs, sizes and colours. Hammocks can be used for resting, relaxing and sleeping and the great thing about hammocks is that they are so easy to erect in comparison to other garden furniture meaning you can take your hammock on the go with you.

What is the origin of hammocks?

Although hammocks are now commonly used as a way to relax, throughout history they have been used as a sleeping solution in jungles, forests and even naval ships that didn’t have the room to fit bunk beds on board. In hot climates such as India a hammock is made from a Sari and is used for to cool down toddlers and help them sleep safely.


How do I put up a hammock?

Depending on the hammock type, there are many different ways to put up your hammock. You could tie a hammock between two trees, from overhead beams, or even from the ceiling! One great way to erect a hammock easily is to buy a hammock stand , they are easy to carry and only takes a matter of minutes to assemble.


What are the benefits of a hammock?

A hammock can help reduce stress. This is because of the slow swaying that lowers blood pressure and in turn helps you to relax. It has also been proven that sleeping in a hammock helps you drop off to sleep quicker and keep you in a REM sleep. So if you have trouble getting to sleep at night this may be a good solution!

When being used in the great outdoors a hammock will also save you from some nasty bites from creatures on the ground, you can also buy mosquito nets for hammocks for even more protection.


Can I use my hammock when camping?

A hammock is a fantastic idea to use when on a camping holiday. You could either use a hammock alongside a tent to have a place to relax in the fresh air, or you could forget the tent completely and get to one with nature by sleeping in your hammock. This will save you tonnes of space and ensure a comfy night’s sleep.


What are the different types of hammock?

Depending on your needs there are many different kinds of hammock. For using a hammock alone, a single hammock is the most practical option, but if you want to share you should invest in a double hammock. If you want something a bit different you could also consider a chair hammock . which allows you to sit upright whilst relaxing.

Don’t forget that Primrose have a full range of hammocks which you can view here. 



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A beautiful garden is something every outdoor lover should have. And while spring is approaching, it is the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for entertaining. If you want to enjoy your garden comfortably and be a host your guests will remember, check out these tips.

entertaining in garden

1. What Is the Occasion?

Are you planning an intimate dinner with your closest friends and family, or perhaps you are inviting your coworkers to discuss business strategies on a Sunday afternoon?

The occasion determines the type of guests that are coming, and you should make plans according to them; after all, you want to impress and entertain them. Once you think about the occasion and the people that are arriving, you can move on to other things.

2. Determine the Style

Before you decide on seating and decor, you should probably determine the style of your garden even if you never set one before. Rozzane & Friends suggest the following styles: Japanese, modern, Mediterranean, eco-friendly and so forth. This choice can be based on your personal style, occasion and budget. Regardless what your choice is, make sure that you can arrange everything, and if this is your first time doing it, perhaps going with something simple is the best choice.

4. Seating

Now that you took care of the “abstract” things it’s time to become practical and decide on accommodation; after all, your guests will probably want to sit somewhere, especially after they have a couple of drinks. Homify suggests a patio because it usually comes with a table, four to six chairs (depending on your choice) and a parasol.

Furthermore, make sure that the seating is aligned with the style (if you decided on one). If you do not have a particular style in mind, then make sure that everything fits in the overall environment of the garden.

garden decor

5. Decor

Your guests have the food, the drinks and are in their seats; now you want to focus on the atmosphere. Believe it or not, a single rock can change the way you perceive a place, so you can start decorating by adding some stones in your garden.

Again you have to think about the style. Do you want to create a calm or rustic atmosphere? Will your garden be a place of peace (which gardens usually are) or you want to breathe more life into it by adding colourful figurines or decorative lights? If it is a party, you should try to create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

6. Music

Speaking of atmosphere, you will probably want music. As Martha Stewart said, “music can make or break the party.” You do not have to complicate things too much, but you can if you know what you are doing.

Perhaps opting for live music is preferable if you are trying to impress someone. Then again, if you are throwing a casual party for your friends, just play the music of your choice. The benefit of playing your music on your device is that everyone else can pitch in and play the song they want.

7. Activities

What do you have in mind for your guest when it comes to activities? If it is a formal dinner, than conversing and sipping wine is probably all you need to have a pleasant evening.

However, if it is informal, then you can come up with something fun, something. Simple activities dancing or playing Pictionary, can bring things to another level. Again, it all depends on the type of guests that are arriving at your home.

garden activities

8. Enjoy Yourself!

If you do not enjoy the party, then others will not enjoy it. All that planning can tire you so much that you forget to relax and enjoy yourself. If you have problems with planning your party, you can always ask your friends and family to pitch in.

Someone might bring a bottle of sweet wine, while others might bring a dessert with them. The whole purpose of organizing the event is that everyone enjoys it, and that includes you.

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