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One of the best parts about the run-up to Christmas is decorating the house and garden.  Nothing beats the festive feeling you get from a dressed-up space, and the rights lights can really add some atmosphere. We have put together a guide for choosing the right outdoor and indoor Christmas lights for you. 

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Before buying there are a few things to consider that will affect both where you put your lights, and if they are actually suitable for your space. 

Suitability for the garden

Always remember to check the product carefully before buying, especially if you are decorating the outside of your house. Whilst most of our lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, indoor-only lights are not built to withstand wet and cold conditions, and some of the bulbs in outdoor only lights are not always safety tested for use on indoor furnishings. 


Your lights power source is also an important consideration when creating a lighting display. :

Mains powered  The most reliable lights in winter, they allow you more control over when your lights are on. You may need to consider buying protection for your leads and cables to avoid exposing any electrics to the winter weather

Battery-powered These lights are a great option for smaller gardens, balconies or areas that cannot easily be connected to mains power. Just remember to keep a good store of the correct batteries to keep the display lit.

Light Types 

Using a combination of different lights in your display is the best way to keep things interesting. We sell a variety of different light types:


These lights are the most common and versatile. You can wrap them around a tree or use them to border windows or guttering. String lights come in multiple variations: 

Straight line

lights are the most popular choice because of their versatility. The basic forms of these lights are great for decorating trees or fences whilst the more decorative  look great day or night. 


Lights follow the same basic design of other string lights, but instead, the lights hang. These lights often look like hanging lightbulbs, but we also offer some more inventive options. These lights are great for hanging across fences or from porches and trees. 


Silhouettes & statues 

Add a statement piece to your display with a lighting arrangement that is hard to miss. These lights make a perfect centrepiece, or a great starting point to build a display around.  


Create a vibrant backdrop to your display by using a projector to create moving or static images on any flat surface. Kids will love watching these projectors and they are perfect for blank spaces that are unsuitable for lights or other decorations. 


The main feature of a stake light is the pointed end that lets you drive it into your lawn, borders or plant pots. The freestanding lights are great for lining pathways or adding colour accents to smaller spaces like balconies or courtyards. 


It’s fun to plan a Christmas display and create something wonderful, but once Christmas is over, and the display comes down, what do you do with all your lights and decorations? We are familiar with the annual journey into the attic or back of the cupboard to fetch out a box of tangled wires and tinsel. Avoid hours of untangling and replacing light bulbs by putting your decorations in a handy storage bag

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Gary at PrimroseGary works in the Primrose product loading team, writing product descriptions and other copy. With seven years as a professional chef under his belt, he can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen or sat reading a book.

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We all want to give the perfect Christmas gift; but how do you choose the gift they’ll love? The options can be overwhelming in the search for that special something so here at Primrose, we’ve made things simple. Whether you’re shopping for wildlife lovers, dedicated home growers or social entertainers, you can find the perfect gift at Primrose.

For Wildlife Lovers

As a nation of animal enthusiasts, our gardens can be havens for wildlife. Welcome all varieties of birds, insects and small mammals into the garden with a selection of our houses and feeders.

Christmas Gifts


A wonder to watch and a great way of increasing the variety of garden flowers. A bee or butterfly house will bring important pollinating insects into the garden and these pretty houses can sit discreetly in any space.


Christmas Gifts


Nothing beats the presence of birds in a garden. The UK has a wide variety of birds that are beautiful to see and fun to watch. You can encourage great diversity into the garden with the Christmas gift of a bird feeder or table.


Christmas Gifts


A wildlife-friendly garden can attract a whole host of animals from squirrels, rabbits and hedgehogs. Encourage these furry friends into the garden with houses and feeders so you can enjoy watching their antics year-round.



christmas gift guide

Wildlife World Bee Hyve

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christmas gift guide

Hedgehog Haus (Hogitat)

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christmas gift guide

Dovecote Cream Bird House

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For Jolly Gardeners

We love seeing how our customer’s gardens take shape throughout the year and how the sense of achievement from cultivating a garden brings so much joy.  

Christmas Gifts


Great gardeners deserve great tools. From handheld trowels and forks to more specialised bulb planters and weed removers, a garden can really take shape having the right tool for the right job. 



Christmas Gifts


Garden planters are ideal for gathering together favourite blooms and we think our fuss-free, frost-resistant, fibrecotta planters can make a great Christmas gift.



Christmas Gifts


Give a gift that will keep on growing! A Christmas gift that will last for years and provide endless moments of joy, trees can transform a garden and we have a variety of species that can be gifted for any garden space.



christmas gift guide

Dig For Victory Hand Trowel

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christmas gift guide

Kensington Framed Trough Planter

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christmas gift guide

Ornamental Trees

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For Social Entertainers

Our gardens are the settings of wonderful moments; times we’ll treasure throughout our lives. At the centre of those moments will be one person organising it all and for them, we have a range of gifts they can be proud to display.   

Christmas Gifts

Extend the time spent with friends and family when the nights draw in with our range of lighting solutions. Fairy lights can add magic to any space when hung about a gazebo or strung through the trees, whilst lanterns can add a warm glow to keep everyone comfy on the sofas. 


Christmas Gifts


A fire pit can bring out the best of an evening – it means time spent gathered together, time spent swapping stories and jokes, time spent enjoying the warmth of a glowing fire, maybe toasting a marshmallow or two. A centrepiece befitting any keen host we have a range to suit every garden space. 

Christmas Gifts


For the evenings you wish can go on and on, keep everyone cosy and content with our winter blankets and throws. So whether it’s snuggling up warm with a loved one or setting down with a good book, give the gift of a relaxing evening this Christmas.



christmas gift guide

White LED Fairy Lights

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christmas gift guide

Woodland Scene Fire Bowl

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christmas gift guide

Pink and Cream Throw

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Bonfire night is very special to my family. We always skip the big show at the park in favour of our own display. It’s a chance for everyone to get together in the garden; wrapped up in coats, hats and scarves. There’ll be a large pot of chilli in the kitchen to keep everyone warm; why chilli I’m not sure, but it’s always there. Rockets and fountains are set off to variable oohs and ahhs. It’s a night of big thrills and traditions and a night when it’s very important to keep safety in mind. Fond memories of bonfire night can soon be tarnished when mistakes are made. Below are some important tips on staying safe alongside my family experience of bonfire night;  I hope they inspire you to try your own party and create some memories of your own.

The Bonfire 

bonfire night

The bonfire was always a central element of our family firework night. Earlier that day we’d stuff an old pair of pyjamas with newspaper; maybe even making a Papier-mache head to complete the Guy that would stand in the fire. Getting the kids involved with these elements is a fantastic way of engaging them with some English history. Though thrilling to watch and gather around, a bonfire has the potential to be very dangerous and needs to be set up correctly. To enjoy a safe bonfire follow these 8 simple tips:

  1. Keep an eye on the weather. The wind is the main cause for concern as sparks and embers can drift on the wind and start a fire.
  2. Position your bonfire somewhere central with room to move around the entire perimeter, away from wooden fences, foliage or garden furniture.
  3. If you do not have a dedicated fire bowl, pit or bin create a circle of bricks or stones to contain the flames and build within that circle.
  4. Build your fire up layer by layer in a teepee shape using twigs, kindling and logs. You can also make use of a firelog; a safer way to add some heat and structure.
  5. One person should be responsible for the bonfire so that it’s always being supervised. It’s fine to get kids involved helping out but never leave children to supervise a fire alone.  
  6. Never use lighter fluids to help the fire along. 
  7. Keep a bucket of water or sand handy in case of any accidents. 
  8. After your party pour a bucket of water over the fire. Do not leave it to go out by itself. 


bonfire night

Soon it’s time to move on to the fireworks. In my family, we would have boxes of fireworks open in the conservatory. All of the kids will pick a firework they want to be lit next and hand it over to the parents who would take it into the garden to set up. This is great for getting the kids involved in a safe way as they never need to come into the area where the fireworks are actually being lit. Just make sure there is someone there supervising the selection of the fireworks. The fireworks are bonfire night tradition but they’re also the most dangerous thing you’ll use. Remember that you are dealing with explosives and as such, they need to be treated with care and attention. To make sure everyone enjoys your firework display follow these 6 simple guidelines. 

  1. All fireworks are categorised from F1-F4. The higher the number the more hazardous a firework is. For the purposes of a garden firework display, you should purchase fireworks categorised as F1 or F2. Anything higher than this is for professional use only. 
  2. Plan your firework display with the items you would like to begin and end with, aiming to finish your display before 11 pm.
  3. Make sure you have a place to position and ignite your fireworks at least 8m from the nearest spectator. 
  4. Read the instructions of each firework before using. 
  5. Light each firework at arm’s length with a taper, standing well back. Never return to a firework once it’s been lit.  
  6. Do not allow children to light or carry fireworks and never leave fireworks unattended with children around.


bonfire night

Towards the end of our family display, everyone would be given a sparkler and the frantic waving would commence as people attempted to write their names in sparkles. Poor cousin Jennifer never made it past the second n. You can try capturing these moments on camera; you can get some fantastic effects with the streaks of light caught in a photo. To make sure everyone enjoys their sparklers fully, use our 4 simple guidelines below: 

  1. Make sure young children only use sparklers with full adult supervision
  2. Wear gloves when handling sparklers
  3. Hold sparklers at arm’s length and away from the face
  4. When a sparkler has finished put in a bucket of cold water

Don’t Forget The Pets

bonfire night

Let’s remember our furry friends this time of year. Though firework season is a great time for us humans, it can be a scary time for pets. We would often find our dog hiding under the bed as soon as the fireworks started going off. But then our cat seemed fascinated by them and would sit happily watching them on the windowsill. A few simple steps can help reduce some pet stress and even if your pet doesn’t seem to mind, it’s a good precaution. See our 4 tips below:

  1. Lots of pet stores will sell chemical plugins or collars that can help keep your pet calm.
  2. You can play prerecorded sound effects of fireworks and loud noises in the run-up to bonfire night. Playing them quietly can help get pets more used to the sound of fireworks. 
  3. Make sure your cats and dogs have an area within the house they can retreat to if they feel nervous or overwhelmed. A quiet bedroom with comfy bedding and some favourite treats and toys can take a pet’s mind off the loud bangs outside!
  4. If you have smaller pets in an outside hutch consider bringing them inside for the week around firework night. A quiet room will likely be appreciated. 

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Scott at PrimroseScott is a copywriter currently making content for the Primrose site and blog. When at his desk he’s thinking of new ways to describe a garden bench. Away from his desk he’s either looking at photos of dogs or worrying about the environment. He does nothing else, just those two things.

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cosy autumn nights

Although summer garden parties are now a fond distant memory, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the most comfortable time of year outside in your garden. We’ve handpicked a selection of items designed to transform your outdoor space into a cosy place of sanctuary that you can enjoy, even during the Autumn nights.

You may be thinking, “Garden furniture? What about the rain?” but that is precisely why I have selected Teak furniture as this month’s bench of choice. Known for durability and its strength to withstand extreme weather conditions, teak furniture is ideal for anyone who seeks a comfortable bench with very little maintenance required. 

Due to its durability, teak is unlikely to suffer from rotting, termites, and many other damaging wood conditions. In fact, choosing teak with high quality wood and a high oil content is set to be your greatest investment all year. Warm and golden in colour, a teak bench is an Autumn garden essential, and usually big enough for nearly the whole family to share. Of course, if you’d like to give your teak bench more protection, you can opt for a furniture cover during non-use.

Does anything scream Autumn like toasting marshmallows by the fire? The best part is, you don’t need a big bonfire to do it. Let the natural elements keep you warm outside this Autumn with an outdoor fire pit. In cast iron, this classic firebowl ties in traditional tones with hard-wearing construction. Whether it’s the warmth you like, or simply the sound of the fire crackles as the wood burns, a firebowl is guaranteed to set the mood for your Autumn garden. 

It wouldn’t be a cosy evening without fluffy blankets now would it? It’s time to get the kettle on and wrap up under a big woven throw while you enjoy the crisp fresh air. Many gardeners will say, Autumn and Winter is when you work hard in your garden but Summer is when you get to enjoy it. With these additions, you can enjoy it all year round.

With Autumn, comes darker nights. Don’t let poor visibility stop you from getting outside and enjoying this season. Light up your garden into a magical magnificence with luxurious outdoor lighting. You could place these above your garden bench, by your back door, or even perfectly placed along your walkway. If traditional styles are to your taste, popular lighting options include decorative wall lights, stylish lamp posts, and glowing pedestal lights. Whereas, a favourite amongst modern gardeners are sparkling string lights and eye-catching hanging lanterns.

Shop the look:

Oxford 4 Seat Bench Teak Furniture

Cast Iron Rust Finish Fire Bowl

Hyde Park Outdoor Wall Lantern

Lifestyle Throws & Blankets


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