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Getting rid of moles can be tricky in that they live underground in large tunnel networks. To get rid of them, both ultrasonic repellers and traps are effective, although ultrasonic repellers are the only lasting solution to your mole problem. You can kill your resident mole, but if your garden remains an attractive environment, another one might move in.

Mole Profile

Rarely seen, moles live solitary lives constructing networks of tunnels, which provide shelter and act to trap unsuspecting worms.

Moles are perfectly adapted to life underground, owing to three adaptations. Moles’ blood cells have a special form of hemoglobin with a higher affinity to oxygen, which allows them to endure their low oxygen environment without ever surfacing. They are covered in sensory hairs that allow them to navigate their low-light environment and have spadelike claws for digging.

Similar to a human breaststroke, moles use a fore-and-aft motion to construct tunnels, using their back legs to push materials through tunnels. Evacuated soil is pushed through vertical tunnels forming surface mounds or molehills.

A mole’s tunnel network includes both permanent (nests and highways) and semi-permanent tunnels (shallow channels near the surface where most food can be found). Their tunnel system can be several hundred feet and moles may work different portions, digging up to 15 feet an hour.

Moles are attracted to damp, fertile soil, where their primary food source (earthworms) resides. During times of drought moles will migrate towards irrigated soil or otherwise dig deeper in search of moisture.

Protecting Your Lawn

Watering should be kept to a minimum to prevent attracting moles. Lawns will suffice on one-two inches of water per week.

Prior to installing new turf, special netting can be laid to form a barrier between the topsoil and layers below.

As moles will only enter areas deep enough to tunnel, situating you lawn in shallow soil is recommended.


Ultrasonic Deterrents

Primrose recommends ultrasonic deterrents as the permanent solution to your mole problem. You can kill a mole with a trap, but all it does is make room for another.

Ultrasonic devices work by emitting low frequency bursts, inaudible to humans, but audible to moles, who confuse the bursts for predators and other moles, and hence quickly vacate the area, moving to other parts of their tunnel network.

Mole repellers are simple to set up, all you do is place them between your house and the mole hills, pushing them back whence they came.

Primrose stocks both battery and solar powered models. Solar powered models work in nearly all situations, however if you have a north facing garden, or are concerned about a lack of sunlight, we stock an all year round deterrent kit composed of a solar-powered model and a battery-powered model, with the latter model working as backup.

Our brand new 4 stake solar chaser has been developed in response to limitations with previous designs. Complete with a 1200mAh battery backup, which can also be charged by USB, the device will remain powered for four days without direct sunlight. With four stakes, you can create a wider barrier, ensuring moles are shepherded more effectively.

ultrasonic mole repeller

Mole Traps

Key to effective trapping is to avoid contaminating your traps with human scent. Moles have excellent smell and will avoid suspect areas. Thus, you should only buy traps you are sure haven’t been touched by humans and use disposable gloves when setting up traps.

There are three types of traps: tunnel, claw and spring. Tunnel and claw traps trigger when a mole moves through the tunnel disturbing a plate, while spring traps trigger when the mole goes to unblock its tunnel, triggering the tongue. Thus, with the former the tunnel must be free of debris, while with the latter it must be blocked.

Claw traps are easy to locate as the handles remain above the soil. You can see if its triggered as the handles will be splayed apart. Tunnel traps are completely covered in soil and are thus perfect for areas with livestock/pets present. A downside is that they will need markers to locate, and it is difficult to know if they are triggered.

Mole traps need to be nested within a tunnel, preferably one of the frequented highways. You can locate a tunnel by pushing a sharf into the soil between two mole hills. When you no longer feel pressure, you have discovered a tunnel. Creating holes in multiple tunnels can be used to find the best location for your trap, as areas it repairs are likely frequented.

Once you have decided on the optimal placement, dig a hole no wider than the tunnel’s diameter. Be careful not to disturb the tunnel floor as a mole may go under the trap. If you do, firm it up.

Next, place the trap, so the trigger ring goes across the run, no more than 2cm above the floor. Test the trap, so you are sure the placement is correct. With claw traps, you are blocking the tunnel, so as the mole moves the debris it touches the tongue, causing the claw to close.

Once you are happy with the placement, replace the turf, but not so tight as the trap won’t trigger. (Tunnel traps should be completely covered with turf). Cover any gaps where light may be let in with grass and place a plant pot over the trap to prevent tampering. With tunnel traps place markers so you can easily locate your traps.

Much of the above applies to humane mole traps, although their effectiveness is disputed.

Castor Oil

Castor oil coats mole’s prey, rendering them distasteful, causing diarrhea, and forcing them to leave for new pastures. It is a common ingredient in mole repellent granules.

You can create your own spray from a mix of unrefined castor oil, dishwasher liquid and water. To start, blend 100ml of castor oil with 50ml of dishwasher liquid. Then add this to 100ml of water and blend again. This can be added to 4L of water, which will cover 90msq. It is only effective in areas that aren’t extensively irrigated and may need to be reapplied. The solution remains effective for 30-60 days.

Alternatively, you can buy aluminium ammonium sulphate based sprays, which is toxic to mammals.

Mole Deterrent Plants

Some swear by Euphorbia lathyris, which root exudates supposedly scare off moles. Be sure to remove the flower heads come spring, or it will spread rapidly.

Mole deterrent bulbs remain a bestseller and supposedly secrete a smell, undetectable by humans, but horrible to moles.

Ineffective Solutions

Broken glass, razor blades, barbed wire, thorns have all be used to try and deter moles. These methods are probably more dangerous to gardeners. Moles will simply circumvent by blocking off those tunnels and digging new ones.

Insecticides will poison the groundwater, kill beneficial soil organisms and harm desirable wildlife.

Coinciding with Moles

The topsoil moles bring up are perfectly structured granular peds, which constitute the perfect potting mix. Moles help with drainage, which can be useful if you have clay soil, which is prone to be waterlogged. Molehills can be hidden with a switch to informal planting.

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Film fans will have noticed that arguably the most prolific, admired secret agent Britain has ever known will descend back onto our screens today. That’s right, James Bond is back, or perhaps more importantly, Daniel Craig is back, in what is rumoured to be his last appearance!

The new film, Spectre, will see James Bond travel through Mexico City and Rome, and infiltrate the existence of the sinister organisation, incidentally named SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion in case you were wondering).


No doubt it will be one of the biggest films of the year, but James Bond will need some gadgetry to assist him. From the high spec Aston Martin DB series to the Quantum Earpiece, he has been gifted with some of the most inventive creations over his time, but I think he could use some extra help from Primrose.

  1. Warmawear Bluetooth Controlled Heated Insoles

James Bond has to venture through the cold environment of Austria, specifically Sölden, Obertilliach (a great location if Bond fancies his hand at skiing) and Lake Altaussee, where temperatures can easily drop below freezing. Thankfully, there is an ideal solution in the form of heated insoles.

Controlled through a smartphone app (which will be no issue for James Bond on his super high tech Sony Xperia), he can warm his toes up to 35-55°C, so he needn’t worry about a little frostbite when escaping from nasty villains.  Available in four sizes, they will fit in any shoe, as they are easily adjustable to your shoe size. They are also waterproof, perfect for Bond.

  1.  Pestbye Mole Spring Trap

James Bond has encountered numerous animals throughout his time, from sharks and snakes to elephants and komodo dragons; he has seen more animals than a visitor at London Zoo. Often used by villains, as a form of weaponry or tool in their attempt to override Bond, they are far from the cute, cuddly creatures we’d expect to see. Did anyone see how big the komodo dragons were in Skyfall?


Although Primrose can’t assist with repelling komodos (although that could be in the pipeline), there is a very handy gadget which will not only protect Bond from deadly moles, but can double up as a weapon against humans (and moles, acting as spies).  Poison free, fast and effective, and double ended for maximum efficiency, this all-weather trap will bring pain and misery to any enemies that try to defeat Bond.

  1. Flicker Flame Drip Effect Wax Candles

James Bond has had a hard day hasn’t he? Fighting off killer moles, trekking through sub-zero temperatures, you’d think he would like a nice quiet evening to himself. Wait, who am I kidding, Bond would not be by himself. He is the epitome of the word lothario, from Sylvia Trench in Dr No (the very first “bond girl”) to the seductive Severine (the only “Bond girl” who is a villain).

So to set up this romantic scene, yet avoid the risk of fire (because you never know when James Bond might come under attack or have to rush off), LED candles are a superb choice. Resembling a dancing candle flame, with a realistic wax drip effect, Bond’s next lady will never suspect a thing.

If you think you will be called up by MI6 for the next death-defying mission (and I do hear James Bond will need a new lead for the next film), remember Primrose have plenty of ideas to name but a few, to help you along the way.

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Bamboo Stainless Steel Water Feature at PrimroseWe’ve had some brilliant reviews in the last couple of weeks, here are the funniest ones as chosen by the team.

Which is your favourite one?

Mini Mister Blue LED:

I love it, its going to make my Halloween cauldron look fabulous.

Advanced Spider Repellent – Whole House:

Usually have spiders that look like they are able to move the furniture around but have not seen any lately :)))

Brilliant ! For the first week after we plugged it in we had more spiders than we would usually have but obviously if these were already in the house the repellent is making them want to leave so we found them all by doors or windows and all were very dozy so were easy to dispose of !

Since that first week no spiders at all and I feel a lot happier and more confident knowing that we have this repellent . I have bought one for my daughter as well and recommended it to some of my friends who are also arachnophobes !

Squirrel and Mink Cage Trap:

Two squirrels are having an extended ‘holiday’ about a mile away, but they haven’t sent me a postcard yet!

Squirrel managed to eat the bait (bread coated in peanut butter) through the wire cage and then set off the trap by kicking the whole thing through 90 degrees!I have added extra wire mesh and secured the trap to the lawn with tent pegs – have not trapped anything yet. 16/10/2013

I gave a review on16th October regarding a squirrel trap supplied by Primrose. I mentioned that I had to make some modifications to the product but had not yet trapped a squirrel. I am delighted to report that since then two squirrels have been caught! 28/10/2013

Stainless Steel Bamboo Tubes Water Feature With LED Lights:

Clear step by step instructions would have made my rating excellent. Make a cup of tea look at where you are going to put the feature and think it through. You will need to drill a hole or two to make it fit together properly. Its worth noting that the transformer type light plug and control switch have to be kept dry at all times!!
Everyone that has seen it has loved it!!

PestBye Jet Spray Repeller:

We have found the ultra sound scarer normally works if not immediately then within a few days but recently we have been getting early morning visits from a stubborn cat who was defiant, that is until the Jet sprayer was deployed (——– WHOOSH jumped in the air and beat Usain Bolt’s time for 100 metres, not been back for over a week now!

We use the independent review service Feefo for all of our sites. This helps us both in getting impartial reviews and product feedback from our customers. Some of the reviews are brilliant and highly unusual. Take a look and see if you can spot any other funny ones:

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Get rid of moles with the solar moler from PrimroseWe use the independent review service Feefo for all of our sites. This helps us both in getting impartial reviews and product feedback from our customers.

Some of the reviews we have received are brilliant and highly unusual, such as this one from Jean about our advanced solar mole repeller:

All moles moved into my neighbour’s garden within a couple of days. Yay, what a result!!

Neighbour asked how I got rid of my moles because he was infested and I made the huge mistake of telling him about your fab product.

Result……he’s bought more repellers than me and the moles have returned to my garden. Booo. Am going to encourage them to move to my neighbours the other side and keep my mouth shut when he asks me how come this has happened!

A good product.

Have you had any problems like this with your neighbours?

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wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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