Guest Blogging Guidelines

On the Primrose Blog we like to offer insightful, actionable advice for gardeners in the UK. We also feature interesting outdoor living articles and technical information related to the products we sell at


We are only interested in highest quality posts with excellent copy and expert knowledge. If you can’t fulfil these requirements, and don’t already consider yourself knowledgeable about gardening, we won’t accept your post.

We cannot accept pieces that link to our competitors.

If you’re interested in writing for us, then please have a look at previous posts to get an idea of the kind of material we publish.

When you’re ready we’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line at

It’s best to pitch some ideas for specific posts that are appropriate for our blog – otherwise we won’t reply.

Alternatively, you can take a chance and send us a draft of a post you have in mind.

When submitting a post, please follow these guidelines to make publishing as easy as possible.


Word count: 400 words minimum. Can be up to around 2000 words.

Format: Email a Word doc.

Links: Feel free to add in relevant links, as long as they add value to the article.

Images: Every post must have at least two images that are relevant to the subject matter. All images must be copyright free or attributed as necessary. Landscape photos are best and all pictures must be high res. Please attach image files separately to your email and mark where they should go in the post if needed.

Author bio: Your article needs an accompanying bio of around 50 words. Please supply a square headshot image too.


Editing: We may ask for revisions to your article and reserve the right to edit it in any way if we publish.

Promotion: We ask that you promote your guest post on your social media as much as you are able to. This benefits us both, and makes us much more likely to publish you again!

Thanks for your interest in featuring on our blog and we look forward to hearing from you.