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Bank holidays offer a great respite from the demands of work and school, and the long weekend allows the opportunity to visit family or take a trip somewhere. But if you’re stuck at home this year never fear, there are plenty of fun games you can play in the comfort of your own back garden. Here are some garden games for the bank holiday that you can play to make the most of the sunshine.

garden games for the bank holiday

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is a simple fun game that you can play in the garden on a sunny afternoon without having to purchase any additional equipment. Typically, one person closes their eyes and counts to a specified number, and other players must hide and the other person must then try and find them. There is also a variation called “Kick The Can” where unfound players can kick a can placed in the middle of the garden to free captured players.

Blind Man’s Bluff

Originating from Tudor and Victorian England, Blind Man’s Bluff is a fun variation of “tag”. One player wears a blindfold and must try and tag the other players. If another player is tagged, they then become “it” and must try and tag the others. Make sure to play this game in a clear area free of obstructions and hazards to ensure safety.

Giant Chess

Think chess is a game reserved for rainy days indoors? Think again. Our Giant Garden Chess Set can take the game to a whole new level. Playing chess offers some surprising benefits, including improving problem-solving skills, focus, and memory, and even helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The giant chess pieces add a fun, dynamic element to the game, and you can enjoy the benefits while making the most of the sunny weather.


A playground favourite, rounders is a game that provides fun for all the family. This simple game requires a bat, ball, and four bases, and team members take it in turns to hit the ball then aim to run around the four posts and score a “rounder” before the opposing retrieves the ball and throws it back to the bowler. It is a fantastic form of aerobic exercise and interval training, and can also help develop hand-eye coordination. The Muddy Puddle Traditional Wooden Rounders Set has everything you need to play the game in a handy string bag.


Swingball is a simple yet fun activity that can provide hours of entertainment on a sunny day. The game consists of a portable pole where a ball attached to a string swings around, and players must bat the ball to keep it swinging in their direction until it reaches their end of the swinging track on the top of the pole. The Mookie All Surface Lite Swingball Set can be used on all surfaces. Just be careful of the swinging ball! 


An old-school classic, a frisbee can provide fun for all the family on summer days- including dogs! A highly versatile activity, you can play a simple throw and catch game, see who can throw the frisbee the furthest, play “piggy in the middle” or a whole host of team games. The Aerobie Pro Flying Ring by Smyth’s Toys is an aerodynamic design that was allegedly used to set the Guiness World Record for the farthest frisbee throw.

Parachute Games

A parachute can provide an afternoon of fun for all the family. People typically stand around the edges, holding onto the handles, but there are a whole host of games you can play, that can include ruffling the parachute, one person sitting in the middle, or creating a bubble of air that allows everyone to sit inside. These games encourage co-operative play while building upper body strength. The Newitts Play Parachute comes in various sizes and rainbow colours.

If you fancy a break from all the activity, check out our post on how to build an outdoor cinema in your garden.

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Dreading going out this Valentine’s Day? Never fear, there’s plenty you can do in the comfort of your own back garden. Forget expensive hotels or overcrowded restaurants, try something a bit different this year and host a Valentine’s date night in the garden.

valentines date night in the garden

Alfresco feast

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a good meal this Valentine’s Day. But you can branch out from standard cooking or takeaways; garden furniture has advanced in order to allow you to cook up a feast in your garden. Our Napoli Outdoor Kitchen is an elegant rustic cooking area with a barbeque and cooking grill plus a wood burning pizza oven to offer a choice of options. Enjoy your home-cooked meal in nature; you can also try one of our garden lights to add to the atmosphere!


In the mood for something low-key, inexpensive, but also magical? Well, nature can provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable date. Spend an evening gazing at the stars with a mug of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine. Cuddling up together under the star-studded sky is highly romantic and allows you the time to get to know each other on a deeper level. If it’s chilly outside, make sure to take one of our Diamond Blanket Throws to keep warm. Highly eco-friendly, they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Treasure hunt

Spice up the gift-giving process this year with a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt in your back garden. Send your lover on a trail of handwritten clues sprinkled with rose petals in order to find their Valentine’s gift. Perhaps you could add a competitive element and do a treasure hunt each with a specified number of clues- and see who reaches the end first! If your garden is lacking in decent points of interest, now could potentially be the time to purchase one of our garden ornaments to add intrigue to your outdoor space.

Marshmallow toasting

Heat things up with some marshmallow toasting around a bonfire. This simple, low-cost activity is guaranteed to make a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day date that is a great way to get to know each other better in a fledgeling relationship. You can also branch out from tradition to cook a whole host of other items, including bread, potatoes, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and more. Try one of our fire pits for straightforward ignition; they also double up as a striking focal point during the day.


Make this year Valentine’s Day the one you will never forget by camping out under the stars. By setting up camp in your back garden, you can get back to nature without the expense of taking a trip elsewhere- plus you get to use your own bathroom! An evening getting back to basics and sleeping cuddled up together in the tent is bound to be highly romantic with the occasional humorous moment you can bond over. Bring our Camping Firebowl BBQ for some extra food and hot drinks!

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Boys weather-proofing the picnic benchI really enjoy encouraging my boys to get out into the garden and involve themselves in the work: planting, weeding, sowing seeds, and harvesting as well as eating the fruits of our labour (I’m sure that’s the part my husband likes best!). Today on the spur of the moment we took that one step further: arming them with a paintbrush and some cuprinol, we let them weatherproof their little picnic bench whilst supervising from a safe distance i.e. up the stairs leading to our house. They loved getting to paint and have learnt a valuable lesson in the process about preserving outdoor wooden furniture against the elements. Continue Reading

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Amid the excitement and success of the National Garden SleepOut I was keen to use the event as an opportunity to educate my children regarding its purpose. In addition to being a fabulous excuse to have fun under canvas, the SleepOut raised awareness of important issues in the UK and abroad. Two charities were supported by the event and I spent some time discovering more about these causes and how they related to our own lives. I was keen to see what they could teach us and whether this changes the way we utilise and manage our garden.

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