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No need to fret if you’ve not finished your Christmas shopping yet as there’s still time to find a great gift from our huge range of gifts designed not just for gardeners!

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Well made, easy to use.


Electronic Hand Warmer from PrimroseOur Warmawear™ 3 in 1 hand warmer is one of the most versatile gifts we have and perfect as a stocking filler. It has three functions in one:

  • Hand warmer with two heat settings that can reach up to 55°C.
  • Torch so you can find your way home easily at night.
  • Phone charger to make sure you can charge your phone, e-reader, or tablet even if you’re not near a mains socket.

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Do cute cats bother you?
Do cute cats bother you?

Most of the population seem to be divided into liking either cats or dogs. Personally I am most definitely a cat person [after all, what do you expect from a person called Cat], but I also love having our office dog Billy around.

However, there are a lot of people that suffer with having cats come into their gardens and with our range of cat deterrents we get a lot of reviews from people who are clearly at the end of their tether. This is just a selection of some of our favourite ones:

On the Ultrasonic Cat Repeller with PIR Motion Sensor:

Just one cat that seems to ignore repeller, so we think it must be deaf. – Pam

Fantastic! Have set up two in the back garden and one in the front and gone are the daily ‘presents’ we used to find. – Miss W

The cat repeller has worked well, most of the cats had got the message after two weeks but it has taken four for the last cat who is a bit devious and has managed to find blind spots. – Christine

For the Solar Animal Chaser:

Does exactly what the cat didn’t want it to do! Simple and easy to site and seems to be working well. – Martin

For the PestBye Advanced Cat Scarer:

Absolutely works brilliantly. After placing it in the garden I had my first persistent visitor after an hour. I’ve battled this cat for the last 6 months, he was after the wild birds I feed. He jumped into the garden and lasted around 4 seconds, jumped back out and tried another day, has now given up completely. Phew success at last, so glad I tried the product, it works fine. – Terry

After years of putting up with other peoples cats and spending money on cat repellents this is heaven sent.On the first day installed one cat appeared when picked up by sensor stopped dead in its track turned and went, not had to pick up any parcels + no smells left behind,now can spend money on plants not on repellents for cats. – David

For the Fence and Wall Spikes:

Product is good but the offending cat is very clever!! – Geoff

This is the second cat scarer we have purchased in recent weeks and so far—fingers crossed—- they seem to be working. Husband’s blood pressure down and order for shotgun cancelled!!!!! – Mrs A

We use the independent review service Feefo for all of our sites. This helps us both in getting impartial reviews and product feedback from our customers. Some of the reviews are brilliant and highly unusual. Take a look and see if you can spot any other funny ones:

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