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Following on from the video of the poor lady who got her hair stuck in a bush, we have collated a collection of the funniest garden-related videos for when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day (or rainy weekend if the weather forecast is sadly correct).

  • It’s a warm, summer’s day and you have the hose pipe filling the pool. However, this dog decides to have a bit of fun..

  • How on earth does one manage to get stuck inside a compost bin?

  • Just remember, dogs aren’t always the bravest pets in the household.

  • This would be ideal if you were having a party and needed ice!

  • This may well be fake, but ouch!

  • Sometimes a strong man isn’t always useful in gardening situations.

  • And finally, a compilation of garden videos to enjoy!

We hope you have enjoyed these videos. What’s your favourite?

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Elephant with birds

We asked for captions on our Facebook page on Friday. Last time we received so many brilliant ones for the bunny rabbit that we couldn’t resist doing it again.

Here are the replies we received:

  • Are we half possom?
  • Are you ticklish?? ooh go on you know you are !!
  • I nose you don’t I?
  • Here… hold on to this n we’ll make a Trunk call to find your Mummy, but we’ll play until we do x
  • Wanna play with me?
  • Baby pals
  • “Ooh you smell nice”
  • Nope your not mine either lol xx
  • Here chick chick here chick chick
  • So your saying I’m not one of you?
  • No your not my mummy, no your not my mummy, nope your not my mummy. Mummy!!!!!!! Where are you?!
  • Who you calling big ears?
  • Give us a kiss!
  • Have you lost your mummy. do you want to make a trunk call?
  • Ur trunk is not as big as mine, why?

What do you think is happening on on the picture?

wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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What would your caption be?

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What is this bunnny rabbit thinking

Sometimes we have some really brilliant answers on our Facebook page that we just have to share here, too.

Our question was ‘Caption this, what is it thinking’ and we got these brilliant answers, which is your favourite one?

  • Is that rain I can smell?
  • how can I reach those carrots !
  • Please sir I want some more!
  • its thinking.please don’t put me in the pot,i’m to small to be
  • Nice paint job!
  • My name’s Peter and I’ve lost my blue jacket can you help me ?
  • Been a long week, time for a few duracells.
  • freeze …… they will think your furniture don’t make a move
  • Now where did i put my drink
  • How long do I have to stand here begging for a carrot?
  • how am I going to reach them carrots hummm
  • I am not polishing this floor again
  • so who ate all the carrots???…
  • hare today gone tomorrow lol
  • don’t put me out in the hutch its smells
  • Well, has my audition went well, for Watership Down 3D then ?
  • Hey, I find watching humans in their 3D warrens above ground very boring and they look stupid!!
  • Now how am i going to get up there where that delicious lettuce is
  • Thank goodness its the weekend and a bank holiday too…
  • Someone please start the music again, I can’t stand still much longer
  • Wheres all the girls ?
  • where did I put my rollerskates
  • Bunnio, Bunnio. Wherefore are’t thou, Bunnio?
  • Will I make it without skidding???
  • Sorry about the lettuce plants, But I’m too small to make a pie
  • It’s a long way up to that lettuce leaf
  • Stranger and stranger
  • Don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore!
  • Please can I have some more?
  • All the worlds a stage…
  • Oh no Rabbit pie for dinner…. run kids…..
  • What if they find out i’m wearing a costume?!
  • ‘I have a castle on a cloud ……’
  • Think i took a wrong turn somewhere!!!!!!
  • Have you seen my mummy.
  • Excuse me, I’m looking for Stuart Chester. He really recommended the hare regrowth additive”!
  • i think my duracell batteries have run out!
  • Am I too late to be the cute Easter Bunny?
  • Hop or flip?
  • “are you seeing this giant carrot man or is it just the acid?”
  • If I walk up straight they might never notice im a bunny rabbit
  • that cooking pot looks ominous!
  • “Carrot, where art thou?”
  • Please can i have a carrot !!
  • Hmm made it this far, now which way !!!!!
  • When I grow up I want to be……
  • Don’t like the wall paper
  • I’m tiny, just a little cake is fine thank you..
  • Wondering what it can get up to next, just like my rabbit you can see when he is thinking.
  • Nope, I’m never going to make that jump to the table with the salad on it……….never in a million rabbit years!
  • they look like carrots on the table but i can,t reach them.
  • will you be my mommy
  • Ahem! I wondered lonely as a cloud…….

wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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Over the past few years we’ve had some building work done on our house. Unfortunately it took longer than expected, so in the thousand years that the builder was with us I built up quite a stock of expectation about what I could do when the world righted itself. I also built up a stock of surplus household fittings for one reason or another. One of those was a large bath that had been relegated to the back garden due to it having a chip out of the side. A new one was delivered but we kept hold of the old one as I figured it would make a pretty good plant pot.
Plants under netting
Then a little while ago one of my neighbours very kindly popped over with a load of strawberry plants. She’d planted them out and they’d run wild so she was trying to get rid of a few. I was over the moon and decided to plant them in the bath. I put the bath on a few bricks to raise it for drainage and then started to fill it with bits of masonry and bricks, polystyrene and compost, anything really that I could hide in the bottom of the bath rather than taking to the tip.
Outdoor En-Suite
I planted the strawberry plants in the bath and covered it over with netting so the birds couldn’t get to it and I’m pleased to say that, despite all the rain we’ve been having, the strawberries are thriving. We’ve been picking quite a few of them and we even made ice-cream with them. The raspberries are all starting to ripen too so it’s mixed berries for pudding.
Delicious homegrown strawberries
I also found a butler sink going cheap that I’ve put to good use as an outside sink underneath the outside tap. It’s perfect for sitting pots in when they need a good soaking and for filling up so the children can do some of the watering for me, though they seem to prefer using the hose so they can soak each other.
Sink and rockery garden
To finish off the set I somehow ended up with not one but two toilets that weren’t needed. One of them had a crack in it but the other was just surplus. Now I know builders, friends and loved ones all think I’m nuts but I quite fancy using these unusual porcelain pots in the garden. I’ve been trying to decide what to put in them and where to put them in the garden. I did consider planting my Jerusalem artichokes in them but didn’t think it would be palatable to eat a tuber that was wrested from a u-bend so now I’m thinking maybe alpines might work but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.