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Conservation has become a hot topic during the past year, so why not try something a little different this Valentine’s Day and give a gift for the garden? Not only are these gifts bound to impress with their originality, but they can also help preserve wild birds and hedgehogs, and support eco-friendly initiatives. So discover our edit of our top garden conservation gifts.

Saltbox Bird House

garden conservation gifts

As holes in trees and buildings are disappearing due to maintenance work, natural nesting sites for birds are on the decline, so garden nest boxes are becoming increasingly important for conserving wild birds. Inspired by traditional coastal saltbox houses, our Saltbox Bird House in plum has a beautiful vintage saltbox design along with inbuilt drainage and ventilation. Purchase as a Valentine’s gift in order to put it up just in time for nesting season!

Kool Kombi Recycled Steel Ice Bucket Cooler

The Kool Kombi Recycled Steel Ice Bucket Cooler is a gift that will be highly appreciated come summer. This quirky drinks cooler is made in Vietnam using recycled oil drums delivering a unique design each time, and providing employment for local workers. Not only is it eco-friendly and socially-conscious, this heavily-insulated design has ample space and can keep drinks cool in high Australian temperatures for up to 4 hours, so will work an absolute treat here in Britain!

Woodland Bird and Ladybird Garden Gift Box

garden conservation gifts

Welcome both birds and ladybirds into your garden with the Woodland Bird and Ladybird Garden Gift Box. This handy set provides a bird nesting pocket, ladybird tower, wildflower seeds, and instructive guide that will enable you to attract diverse wildlife into your garden. These creatures are highly beneficial to your garden, as they help manage pests such as slugs, snails, and aphids to keep your plants healthy.

Igloo Hedgehog Home

Our Igloo Hedgehog Home is a great gift that makes a welcome addition to your garden. Surveys suggest that hedgehog numbers have declined by up to 50% since the turn of the century as hedgerows and field margins are lost to intensive farming, so providing sanctuary in your garden is increasingly important. This wicker habitat offers hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe haven from predators, pets, and garden tools.

Heart Shaped Cast Iron Bird Bath/ Feeder

valentines day gardening gifts

Food supplies often run short for wild birds, particularly during the winter, and fresh water for drinking and bathing can also be hugely beneficial for them. The Heart Shaped Cast Iron Bird Bath/ Feeder is perfectly-themed for Valentine’s Day and adds a quaint touch to your garden. This versatile piece can be used either as a bird feeder or birdbath.

Diamond Blanket/ Throw

valentines day gardening gifts

Get nice and cosy this Valentine’s Day with our Diamond Blanket/ Throw. This stylish blanket is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, an innovative and eco-friendly alternative of reusing waste. The geometric diamond design is finished with tassels for extra flare, and is perfect for cuddling up under both indoors and outdoors.

Wildlife Natural Rock Pond-In-A-Pot Kit

garden conservation gifts

Create a wonderful watering hole for wildlife with our Wildlife Natural Rock Pond-In-A-Pot Kit. One of our top garden conservation gifts, this model creates a great home for frogs, newts, and insects, and provides drinking water for birds and small mammals. This no-hassle kit has everything you need to create a pond in four easy steps, filled with beautiful, wildlife-attracting plant life.

Check out our guide to find out more about how to help wildlife in your garden.

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You’ve planted your bare root trees, mulched your vegetable plot, and you know your hardy annuals from your tender perennials. You’ve experienced the joys of gardening first-hand, from the mental health benefits, to being able to produce your own fresh produce. If you’re outside the stereotypical gardening age bracket, there’s a high chance your peers may not have even considered getting green fingered. So here are some ways you can help others discover gardening, so they can experience the benefits of nature.

how to help others discover gardening

Spread the word

The easiest way of putting gardening on people’s radar is simple: tell them. Tell them about why you enjoy gardening, and the positive benefits you have experienced from getting back to nature. Talking to people about your hobby can also give you the chance to dispel any misconceptions people may have, for example, that you need a huge plot of land to get started. You could also direct people to other useful resources like our blog which provides a wealth of information, education and ideas for your garden.

Guided tour

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so a great way of striking enthusiasm into the hearts of your peers to show them your garden. Whether you have a huge landscaped lawn with a bountiful vegetable plot or simply a few pots on your windowsill, give others a guided tour when they visit your home, so they can see first-hand just how much fun gardening is and the things they can achieve. You can also take some snaps on your phone to show people when out and about. If you’re sharing your works of art to Instagram, make sure you tag us so we can enjoy it too!

Green gifts

Some people may be open to the idea of starting their own garden, but aren’t quite sure where to start. So what better way to help get them going is there than a green gift. You could gift them with some seeds, or perhaps some pots or gardening tools to get their garden started. Our Plant Theory seed kits are a great option because they provide you with everything you need to start growing in a handy tube. Choose from zesty herbs, spicy chillies, purple vegetables, cocktail condiments, or bonsai trees.

Any road up

When people talk of gardening, most of their attention if focused on the traditional back garden. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a front garden that is visible from the road, that can be a great way to get people inspired. Plant a range of beautiful colourful flowers, and make sure to avoid any dense hedging so passers by can see your garden in all its glory. Before long, you’ll be the talk of the town, and people will be making detours past your house just to take a look.

how to help others discover gardening

Vegetable giveaways

If your vegetable patch is abundant, consider spreading the love and giving away your excess crops. Set up a produce stand outside your home, with a sign welcoming passers by to help themselves. Home-grown crops are often tastier than their supermarket-bought counterparts, so letting people taste your harvest can be a great way of inspiring people to start growing their own. It can also give those in need a helping hand.

Perennial joy

If you have perennial plants in your garden, these can be a great way to help new gardeners get started. Plants such as primroses, irises, mint, and chives can be easily divided to propagate new plants. So a great way to spread the joy of gardening is to offer your offshoots to friends, family, and neighbours.

Community gardening

If you’re up for taking on a bigger project, a community garden can be a great way of getting people involved. Community gardens can be great places for people to learn more about gardening, grow their own food, and get to know their neighbours. Contact the local council to help find a location, then engage local schools, groups, and businesses to spread the word. 

Social media is also a great way to spread the word. Make sure to share photos of your garden with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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Mother's Day at Primrose

Mother’s Day is just eight days away and it’s time to get your present. You can even have it delivered straight to your mum!

How about a hamper gift set, a personalised planter with your message, some pretty solar garden lights or something from our carefully selected garden gifts range.

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Valentine's Day Garden Gifts

Choosing a gift for your Valentine is an art.

You want to sweep your loved one off their feet, create a romantic atmosphere so you can spend the evening staring into each other’s eyes.

Or, maybe you just want to tell someone that you kind of like them.

We have a huge range of gardening gifts. Finding the perfect one is a breeze.

You can even have your gift sent directly to your Valentine!

Gardening Gifts at Primrose

wedding-meCat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named Canadian towns, obscure holidays and unusual gardening.

She mostly writes about Primrose news and current events.

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