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Primrose Spider Repeller

Experts say that “the number of giant house spiders creeping into UK homes is set to rise after the hot wet summer weather”. (BBC News, 22.08.15 – we’d link you to the article, but it’s full of graphic spider pictures!)

Our PestBye™ Advanced Spider Repellent clears your whole house through ultrasonic sounds and electromagnetic waves and carries a 45 day no quibble money back guarantee.

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We recently held a competition for a chance to win 1 of 3 Advanced Whole House Spider Repellents on our Facebook page.

We have had a fantastic 557 entries with some brilliant suggestions from participants. Quite a few parents would willingly sacrifice their children and quite a few children would rather hide and wait for their parents. Several dogs also appear to be trained to catch spiders for a biscuit reward and the hoover is often used.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite suggestions and please be careful and do not try them all at home as some may not be safe!

  • I’m so scared I’ll get random strangers off the street to come in and catch them for me. I won’t even go to bed if there’s one on my landing!
  • Let my snake out!
  • Move to my mother’s!
  • My poor daughter has to get rid of them for me bless her. She’s only 7!
  • Pay my daughter to get rid of the ones she isn’t scared of and she is only 10…
  • My wife always gets me to get rid of them even though she hates them. I have to show her I have it in my hand before putting it outside.
  • Pass out.
  • Start sweating and batter it with a shoe.
  • They’re usually in the bath so I hang a towel over the edge, let them crawl onto it then shake it out of a window – keeping hold of the towel of course!
  • Put them outside. Never kill them they helped in the war clean wounds.
  • Ask my partner to remove humanely whilst I scream blue murder!
  • Call my dad up crying cause I use to hoover them till I realised they actually came back out!
  • Catch them with my hands like a real man does!
  • Fetch neighbour while screaming.
  • Get Daddy to get them for me!
  • Hide until my mam comes home, she then sets it free outside kicking and screaming!!
  • Hyperventilate, become hysterical, drag people off the street to rescue me.
  • I freeze and go into a cold sweat then scream not a pleasant sight!
  • I once got trapped by one in the garage so I fashioned a flamethrower with a can of wd40 and a lighter … problem solved! 😉
  • I spray them with cleaning fluids, then they shrivel up & then I hoover them up. I feel terrible afterwards though.
  • I try and ignore them.

Which one is your favourite?