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Magic Mirror GateHere at Primrose we love it when our customers take the time to leave us product reviews. And we love reading them even more – some of them are so witty and clever!

Here are our three favourites from the past week:

Magic Mirror Gate:

The mirror is amazing! We are constantly taking friends into the garden and watching their reactions to our new gate – they are always fooled at first.

The best though was our cat, who did a double-take when he spotted a ‘rival’, then tried to push through the half-open gate to investigate!

Mini Dig-it Garden GnomeWeed Wand Wizard:

Great little tool and extremely satisfying to hear the weeds scream and shrivel.

Mini Dig-it Garden Gnome:

How can you not dig the dig it gnome?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall (or the fence, or the trellis)…

I love to use mirrors in the garden, to reflect light and add a feeling of extra space to my small patch, which is only 25’ x 35’, so every little helps! I’ve had my mirrors for years, and they’ve stood up to the weather well, although maybe they’re just a little bit tarnished now. Only three are specific “garden mirrors” – the rest are from junk shops, car boots, pound shops etc. (Did I mention I was a thrifty gardener?), but they all serve to add a touch of mystery. So would you like to come with me and take a look through the looking glass?

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