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I Didn’t Sleep Out (but I will)

I confess, straight away, that I didn’t do it. (Sounds a bit odd that phrase; can’t see it being said too often in crime dramas!)

We didn’t end up in the garden for the Big Sleep: I’m sorry. I love the concept of it: Warm, balmy evening, jobs all done, nearest and dearest sharing end of day chat and laughter, perfect bliss. But, like many other people on the planet, planning for SleepOut night was slightly overshadowed by the phenomenal opening event of the Olympics the night before. Wow! I had been all set for delinquent animals going AWOL and leaving deposits on the athletics track, but I have to say I was mesmerised by Danny Boyle’s theatre, the scale, the story the, well… the spectacle.
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Lorna’s torch relay
Lorna McArdle Olympic Torch Relay Support U
Some of the Primrose Team at Lorna’s torch party.

On Tuesday the Primrose team lined the rainy streets in Reading to see Lorna run (jog? walk?) with the Olympic torch as the first torchbearer in our town. Avid readers of this blog of course already know that we were preparing for it last week and Lorna was even featured in the local paper with us.

She was chosen to be a torchbearer for the fantastic work she had been doing in the local LGBT community by supporting Reading Pride for ten years with six of those years as the chair. In March 2011 she was one of the founders of the charity Support U.

We had a great time and it was fantastic to support Lorna, as well as see the torch. What a brilliant experience!

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