Cat, Grow Your Own

A successful apple harvest!Thanks to the delightful weather earlier in the year this year’s harvest looks to be phenomenal for the apples, berries, elderflowers and more.

Last week the Royal Horticultural society in Wisley said the icy spring and the hot summer had made for a “near perfect” apple harvest, with the weather conditions mimicking that of central Asia where they were first developed.

– The Guardian

Our managing director has several apple trees in his garden and yesterday started picking the first. Some even made it through to the office!

How are your apple trees looking?

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Cordyline in decline?

Having many yeas ago planted out my Cordyline house plant, it has rewarded me with this elegant tree.  Starlings and Fieldfare flock to the seed heads during the winter in a spectacular display.  Now however, the bark is peeling away from the trunk and new spikes are sprouting from the trunk. What will happen next? Any ideas?            —    Wendy